(UPDATE (01/07/2011) Authorities say one of the men suspected of sexually assaulting one or more severely disabled women captured on video is already serving a sentence for sexual assault.

LOS ANGELES (CBS)  — Sheriff’s investigators are on the hunt for a group of men suspected of sexually assaulting at least 10 severely disabled women.

A computer hard drive obtained from an anonymous source contained more than 100 hours of video footage showing at least 10 women being sexually assaulted by at least eight men, said Sgt. Darren Harris of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

It’s not known where and when the attacks took place, but Harris said there were at least several locations and at least one was a residential care facility.

“All of the victims appear to be severely disabled,” Harris said.

“The extremely disturbing videos are not being released to the public, but photos from portions of the video are being released in an effort to identify some of the suspects.”

Images of the victims will not be released, he said.

“Detectives from the Special Victims Bureau are concerned that these sexual assaults might still be occurring,” Sgt. Dan Scott said. “The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department welcomes information that can lead to stopping these criminals.”

Sgt. Dan Scott said some of the attacks depicted on the computer drive — which was obtained by sheriff’s detectives last March — involved forcible attacks carried out with no consent from disabled victims. He described one attack that appeared to have been carried out by an attacker who was a paraplegic in some type of hospital or care facility.

“When he wheeled himself the room, he used his arms to hoist himself onto the bed,” Scott said. “He removed his diaper. He removed the diaper of the victim. He engaged her in sexual activity, sexual assault. He then hoisted himself onto the floor, scooted across the floor, out the doorway and disappeared from the camera’s view.”

Anyone with information about the assaults was asked to contact the Special Victims Bureau at (866) 247-5877. Sheriff’s officials said they would also like to talk to the person who dropped off the footage, insisting the person can remain anonymous.

“This was really shocking because we’re supposed to defend the defenseless,” Detective Ron Anderson said. “And these people are truly defenseless. They cannot fight off an attacker. They don’t have the ability to consent to this kind of activity.”

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Comments (75)
  1. Matt says:

    Any prison sentence is a death sentence for these guys. I hope they’re all caught

  2. swhit says:

    And, people want us to give up our guns………….

    1. TJ says:

      Well if your severely disabled you cant use a gun idiot. I can do that too. Man and they want us to pay our taxes………

      1. Jordan says:

        How dumb, you think disabled people cannot pull a trigger? This story has an example of a paraplegic raping someone and you don’t think they can pull a trigger?

        Please don’t reproduce-

      2. Atom&Yves says:

        TJ, you’re an f-ing moron. If you can’t see the sheer and utter ignorance of your comment, don’t expect anyone to explain it to you. You’re obviously too damned stupid to understand.

      3. Rob Cypher says:

        You guys are really arguing that mentally handicapped people should have weapons? You want to try that one again?

    2. Hojo says:

      If only criminals have guns and concealed carry ability then they become the strong ones and law abiding citizens become the weak “disabled” people and criminals will treat law abiding citizens the way they have treated these disabled women or as history has shown us…worse.

      1. BearBear says:

        Looks like law-abiding, gun-concealing citizens really helped out in that Arizona shooting the other day. Everyone always uses the “defense” excuse to argue for gun rights. Where are these people when the rest of us need defense from all of you? They paint a picture like they’ll all fly in like superman and shoot down the bad guys just as long as they can carry their weapons in public. Meanwhile, all this does is allow things like yesterday’s shooting to occur–legally.

  3. Ms. says:

    This is why there’s already debate about separating female and male residents in these care facilities. There are already media-covered reports that staff members prefer to keep men and women together because that way the female residents bear the brunt of aggressive behavior rather than the staff.

  4. deedee says:

    This is just Disgusting!

  5. Heather says:

    terrifying and sad. I have a child with severe disabilities and this is why she will never never be in a facility. I will do all I can to prevent this.

    1. Mora says:

      I too have a child with a disability who will never go to one of t hese places.. How disgusting!

    2. jes2 says:

      Really, Heather?

      Let’s see what Obamacare has to say about placing your child in a facility.

  6. pdxlee says:

    The cops have had the HD since last March? and they are still no where close to arresting anyone? and they ae just now releasing pics of the attackers?

    No wonder you have such high crime rates in LA

  7. Hank Warren says:

    Useless, untrained health care workers, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. jerry says:

      Good for you, Hank ! Pack your bags & move to Australia.

    2. TWC says:

      “Useless” and “untrained” is about the nicest things you can say about these degenerates. Horrifying.

  8. Count Yob says:

    The wheels of justice are turning way too slowly. The cops have had this video evidence since last March and they’re just now getting around to alerting the public. Meanwhile, these degenerate criminals are still at large, free to commit more sexual attacks on their defenseless victims.

    1. Mora says:

      What about the perp in the article. the paraplegic? What did they do with him? Did they arrest him?

      1. disgusted says:

        good question! He couldn’t have gotten very far! the police don’t know who the paraplegic is? And they have had the videos since March? And who was taking these videos in the first place? It seems a bit fishy to me.

  9. Luna says:

    According to the news report video, it took a YEAR for these incidents to be investigated? How many more times did this occur and how many new victims did these predators get their jollies off on?! I think that is an injustice in itself.

  10. Steevo says:

    aswhit, Amen to that!

  11. sjh says:

    This disgusts me on so many levels. My wife, who passed away last May, had Multiple Sclerosis and would have been unable to defend herself if attacked. I was her caregiver for years and never even considered putting her in one of these facilities. I hope they catch these low-life maggots, castrate them, then exterminate them for the vermin they are. Better yet, put them in the general prison population and let the inmates take care of it.

    1. TrishT says:

      Bless you for caring for your wife! I have a disabled child and cannot imagiine having putting him in a facility. I would rather downsize and sell everything but the bare essentials rather than put him on one of those places. Unfortunately I know a couple who is unable to care for their little girl @ home due to her severe medical needs. I know her mother worries about her every hour of every day. They are unable to afford a full time @ home care nurse (since she needs 24hr monitoring). My heart goes out to loved ones in my friend’s position because although her daughter is a child, what will happen to her when *she* gets to be a young adult?

  12. MBC says:

    So now, Lluna and Count Yob, you are blaming the police department? You have no information regarding the police investigation and the extent of it. Police officers would be outraged at such violations and would proceed to investigate in the best way possible and sometimes that is undercover. They want these men caught.

  13. Lilith Whyte says:


  14. GR-MA JOSIE says:


  15. Bill White says:

    Ahhh Diversity…

  16. Steve Smith says:

    They were all Black and Mexican men, HIV positive no doubt. Go figure.

  17. Buzz says:

    Why no discriptions of the perps

    1. Ventura_Guy says:

      The perps are Obombers people and illegal’s from south of the border so they have got to be given their civil rights and free stuff from the government.

      God bless America

  18. jerry says:

    Probably a bunch of angry white men…NOT !

  19. samdoc says:

    These guys sound like animals, what race are they, my guess is black since no race was mentioned.

    1. Shalom says:

      Whatever race they are, “Human” isn’t it.

  20. TR Bender says:

    Maybe law abiding citizens can inform the mayor ‘Tony-V’ and the Police Chief that these assaults fall in the category of “VIOLENT CRIME” .

  21. CC says:

    My 4 year-old daughter is physically and mentally disabled. I want to vomit after reading this. Who are these people? It is perverse depravity and it is why I will do all I can to keep her out of a facility. But everyday I think about what will happen when my husband and I are no longer around to take care of her.

  22. Cindy says:

    Why the anger? You folks who live in California just re-elected the same people who put these types on your streets and tell you to be nice and embrace them as family, They probably had bad childhoods, you know, single parent homes, no daddy, welfare, you should be feeling sorry for them and offer your homes open to them. You voted for Obama, Pelosi, Boxer, Brown, It was clear what they offered – and you checked the box “Yes – please”. You really need to learn to get along with people who are not like you – that’s the Liberal mantra. Live with it.

    1. Boetica says:

      Unbelievable, isn’t it? California is $25 billion in debt and still gives welfare to the elderly relatives of wealthy immigrants, and has no welfare restrictions on illegal aliens who have children here, i.e. they are absolved of the time limitations on welfare use. Those of us who still work and teach our children better values than this are called racists – for insisting that people obey the law and take some personal responsibility!

    2. sasquatch of the North says:

      Well put my friend

  23. Gabriel says:

    Lord, all I ask is 5 minutes alone in a room with these Monsters…just 5 minutes and I promise they will never hurt anyone again.

  24. Release the victims photos says:

    I believe that the police should release photos of the VICTIMS.
    The reason being, that family or friends will recognize them, and will be able to tell the police the name of the facility that this crime happened in!

    My mom was in a long term care facility…I would recognize her long before there is even a chance that I would recognize the perps!!!!!

  25. Shalom says:

    What amazes me is that this paraplegic, who can’t move his legs unassisted, who can’t even control his own bladder, can nonetheless function well enough and long enough to commit rape. I suggest that whoever catches this filth should do what is necessary to ensure that this will no longer be the case…

  26. someone who knows says:

    One of the best spinal rehab facilities on the West Coast is in the LA area and full of violent gang members usually injured by intra-gang violence. When a friend of mine was there (a para) there would sometimes be shootouts in the halls between rival gang members. I bet thats where this happened..

  27. disgusted says:

    Isn’t it curious that there are videos? Do these residential facilities video their patients? Do the victims/family know?

  28. Aunt Bee says:

    “Things that can’t go on forever don’t.” ~ Herb Stein


  29. Cindy says:

    “The Los Angeles County Sherriffs Department welcomes any information that can lead to stopping these criminals”. I suggest they start at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and then head on over to the Justice Department. Oh never mind, Obama and Attorney General Holder already told us that there will be no prosecutions for black(brown) on white crime because, in their esteem wisdom, it doesn’t exists. Keep voting for those Liberals folks. Somebody call the Governor, Senators, oh, never mind, they’re on board with Obama and Holder.

    1. Boetica says:

      California still has some residents who value the freedom that is slipping away faster here than anywhere else. We are incensed at the idiocy of our fellow residents. Just goes to show there are far too many government dependents in CA, including govt. employees. These victims, who are truly dependent, deserve protection and justice, but good luck. Our new AG wouldn’t even seek the death penalty for a cop killer. California: another failed socialist state!

  30. jfire says:

    How long are the people in this Country going to continue to allow our government to molest us every time we board an airplane and it will only get worse?
    I knew a woman in her late 80’s who went to a nursing home, and molested the men. In fact she died there by falling off a bed and hitting her head while having a tryst with an old man there. The nursing home was aware of her actions, and did nothing about it. The man’s daughter found a strange skirt in her Father’s room and began questioning the stff about it, and it was all handled as nothing unusual, she does that to all the men.

  31. Mike says:

    It’s obvious the drudge report freaks have found this thread.

    1. Andrew says:

      Not a Drudge Report “freak”, but what the hell are you trying to comment on? You’re upset that people are upset and think the responses here are over the top? How do you feel about this story? Okey-dokey?

    2. Hojo says:

      Ah Mike, I see you have a problem with people that are aware of what is going on in the world…why does that bother you and how do you know drudge report linked this article? Pot calling the kettle black it seems.

  32. Amp says:

    This is the worst of the worst of the worst and that doesn’t even say enough to fully describe the horror that happens in this sickeningly, demonic world. Please do them a favor and pray for all of them. Your prayer can go where you can’t.

  33. shockedrightnow says:

    None of these people where health care facilities. Bert Hicks is special needs himself. And from knowing someone that knows him it was a lot of sex going that was agreed to between the women and the men.

  34. Ahmed Kiflef says:

    Find the men who committed these assaults and kill them. They are not human.

    1. sukalubov says:

      Ahmed, this is America-we have laws that protect multiculturalism and diversity. You think this is Sharia Law justice time? We must give these offenders a pass, especially if the offenders are non white. Remember social justice is reparation for all those that have suffered at the hands of bigoted, racist, and oppressive white race.

  35. effactor says:

    These men are from a different culture and we should learn to appreciate diversity instead of being judgemental racists!

    1. No One Special says:

      Then don’t be a racist.

  36. transpac says:

    I’m horrified, you can’t tell me a proud strong black man or a proud macho latino would do such a thing. No Way

  37. Andrew says:

    Quoting Michael Marshall Smith’s book “Spares”, …as I pulled the trigger I knew, as if my soul was carrying it home, that the bullet would hit the very atom I was aiming for.”

  38. Thomas Manning says:

    We live in an increasingly Godless nation. Expect things to get worse.

  39. Mr. Lugosi says:

    Wait… they waited since LAST MARCH to go public with this? What were the police doing???

  40. Linda B says:

    The family of the victim probably had a video camera installed. ALOT of people do that now, to protect their loved ones. And THAT’S a GOOD thing!!!
    I hope these pigs get caught. And,I agree, throw them in with the prison population, so they get what is coming to them!!!

  41. JJ says:

    why does no one moderate these comments ?!

    1. Rocket says:


      there is an option called “Report comment” right next to the “Reply” option. So go ahead and report any comments you have an issue with. This is called self policing and is really the only way to handle this.

      God Bless America and Repeal Obamacare before we are all placed in these facilities!

  42. NYGlenn says:

    Gotta love ethnic diversity! They probably had a rough childhood, after all. Dont all poor people resort to this type of debauchery?

  43. Barney Franks says:

    I bet she was wearing something provocative. They always do….

  44. Cate says:

    i love how the majority of these comments are either racist or political…i feel so sorry for the victims, and i hope they get the justice that they are entitled to, and i hope the men are caught…i will be praying for all of the victims, and keep in mind that these men who committed these horrible acts against these people will have their day in court and will also have to answer to the God Almighty himself one day…

  45. d says:

    I’m glad CarMax® stepped up and sponsored this story. Nice video, tasteless

  46. Rob says:

    Just when I thought the human race couldn’t sink any lower.

    Can our legal system do something about this now? Please?

  47. Cheri says:

    Disabled persons and elderly persons are daily discriminated against and verbally abused by bus operators (MTA, and every other city bus line). People are not taking the Americans with Disabilities Act seriously. That includes the Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies. If you people are so disgusted – get out of your safe cocoon and become active in protecting the Civil Rights of the disabled victims.

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