PANORAMA CITY (CBS) —  Animal welfare personnel said 96 cats living with a man in a motor home in Panorama City were rescued Wednesday.

The Los Angeles City Animal Cruelty Task Force served an animal hoarding search warrant at the home in the 8900 block of Noble Avenue, said Richard French of the Los Angeles Police Department.

The task force impounded 96 cats, many suffering from upper respiratory ailments, dental issues and ear mites, French said. Authorities also found several cat and kitten remains wrapped in towels and plastic inside a freezer.

French said there had been complaints from animal rescue personnel, veterinarians and neighbors indicating the man had numerous sick cats in his small home and refused medical care for the animals. One neighbor reported “an unpleasant odor emanating from the motor home during the late summer,” French said.

“I’ve seen cats come onto the property, but I’ve never seen any leave the property,” the neighbor told police.

It was unknown if any action would be taken against the 57-year-old man.

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Comments (6)
  1. jose says:

    I thought only women are called Cat Lady? I didn’t know men can be called Cat gentleman!

    1. Chris says:

      Is that supposed to be funny Jose? I think you should stay off the drugs and this is not a joking situation.

  2. MyWWF Supporter says:

    What a sicko. He was freezing cat remains?? What is this world coming to?
    For torturing so many animals, he deserves to serve in Siberia and nothing else.!

    1. misters says:

      The guys obviously got some mental issue, but freezing already dead cats is what every veterinary office does to. Its better than tossing then in the trash, and a proper cremation cost too much when you are talking about this kind of volume.

  3. ketracel says:

    It’s a mental illness, like obsessive compulsive disorder. Unfortunately, the animals must suffer for his disease.

  4. Diane Craig says:

    Were the cats rescued or was the man rescued from his obvious untreated mental illness?

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