A stroke of the pen in the final hours, that could define him for life

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It’s a  governor’s choice: he or she can decide to reduce a prison inmate’s sentence in certain circumstances. And that’s exactly what (now ex-) Governor Schwarzenegger did as one of his final acts, before leaving office. He cut the manslaughter sentence of one Esteban Nunez from 16 years behind bars, to 7.

The name Nunez might sound familiar:  his father is state Assembly Speaker, Fabian Nunez,  a long-time Schwarzenegger political ally, even thought they’re in different parties.

Nevermind that 21-year-old Esteban reportedly bragged that his dad’s political pull would get him out of trouble; the real issue is why the Governor would want to leave Sacramento with this as his legacy. (OK- not his whole legacy: there’s the budget deficit, the union stranglehold, the broken schools, the high unemployment…. –Ed.) 

Schwarzenegger wrote that Nunez’s sentence was disproportionate with that of his codefendant, but a judge already squashed that line of reasoning last Fall. Needless to say, the victim’s family isn’t so happy about it, either.

Ah well, the ex-guv has explained his motive.  True or not, though, it just looks shady; and for somebody as appearance-savvy as Mr. S., it’s hard to figure.

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  1. Gator says:

    Not that I necessarily agree with the ex-governor’s action, a couple of points:

    First, who made the judge who made the original ruling some sort of source of all that is righteous?

    Second, if the “news” media did serious investigative reporting, instead of reading what is written by their writers and editors, the governor’s actions would pale in comparison to what goes on in the back hallways of government.

  2. flicka47 says:

    I’ve got to agree with Gator here! There are no doubt bigger crimes being committed by so-called government.

    Also though I know nothing about the case. if Nunez has already served 7 years, that means the manslaughter charge happened when he was 14. So giving the kid a little slack isn’t out of the question is it?

  3. Governator says:

    Nunez wasn’t 14 he was 18 and he plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter thinking he would get a light sentence
    He and his 2 friends tried to crash a party
    Were not allowed entry, each one had knives
    each one inflicted stab wounds

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