LOS ANGELES (AP) — The family of a 15-year-old girl who died of an ecstasy overdose after a rave has filed a claim seeking $5 million in damages from the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The Los Angeles Times said Sunday that the family of Sasha Rodriguez filed the claim with both the city and county on Thursday. The move is a necessary step before a lawsuit can be

The claim says the Coliseum knew or should have known that the Electric Daisy Carnival in June would promote and facilitate the use of illegal drugs. Rodriguez overdosed and collapsed at the event, and died days later at a hospital.

Coliseum General Manager Patrick Lynch told the Times he hadn’t seen the claim and could not comment.

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Comments (14)
  1. D417 says:

    Hmmmm, perhaps if the parents had been properly supervising this child, she would still be alive. But let’s go ahead and point the finger at everyone else and try to get some money! I vote they get nothing. Except maybe criminal charges of neglect. Bad parenting should not be rewarded.

  2. leo says:

    filed a lawsiut for 5 million??????????? hello,,,,,,,dont blame others people instead you,,,,,,,parents to blame,,,shame on you

  3. robert bankins says:

    This goes into the frivolous law suit catagory because it really comes to the parents not doing a good enough job to shield and watch their child.

  4. Arash Latifi says:

    Your child was irresponsible & now you want $5 million to redeem your daughters death? Thats foolish!

  5. hulagirl says:

    although this is an unfortunate situation and I feel for the family’s loss, the city does not owe them money nor should they feel entitled to it. the parents should have kept a closer eye on their FIFTEEN year old daughter. they should have known where she was going to be and what she would be doing. if her parents couldn’t keep tabs on their daughter, how can they expect the city to provide control of a crowd of 185,000 party goers. It is not the event that promoted the drugs, the event promoted music. it was her own choice to take the ecstasy. what’s the money going to do for them anyways? their daughter will still be gone. money isn’t going to help them feel better. don’t blame the city for your bad parenting.

  6. Tom says:

    Bad parents, don’t let your 15 year old take ecstacy.

  7. Al P says:

    While the death of anyone this way is tragic, how about we as a city use that same logic. Ms. Rodriguez knew or should have known that illegal drugs are illegal for a reason, have inherent risks (up to and including death), and allowing an unsupervised 15 y/o enough reign to attend such a party shows a complete derilection in parental responsibility.

  8. Jamaican josh says:

    Just trying to get money. We should sue the family for not watching their underage child.

  9. Know your kids says:

    The parents should have know the Rave would promote the use of drugs and not let their 15 yo attend……. The blame is with the parents.

  10. HCO says:

    Whether or not the Coliseum knew about the drug usage at the Electric Daisy Carnival is immaterial. Your stupid daughter made a choice to take those drugs. There weren’t representatives of the county, city, or the Coliseum forcing those drugs down her throat! You, as her stupid parents, allowed her to go to this event. Please don’t pretend that you didn’t know what could possibly happen at this event.

  11. Dan Madrid says:

    my condolence to the families loss……No one wants to lose there loved ones …………BUT…….Wow!!…….I couldn’t talk to my banker because of the Holiday and they secured a lawyer to begin an action for big $$$$$$$…….two words……”AMBULANCE CHASER” …..lets see……….1/3 of 5 mil=……..

  12. Parker says:

    This is unfortunate. However, the fact that the parents let their 15yr old daughter attend the largest electronic music festival in North America without supervision says enough. Asking for money for your daughter’s death, which was imparted largely – if not entirely – by a poor parenting decision, is ludicrous. 185,000 responsible attendants survived the event and had a great time; obviously the fault is not left in the hands of the staff or event coordinators. Also, the daughter willingly choose to take ecstasy, EDC or the LA Memorial Coliseum commission did not force it down her throat. Even if her friends asked her to take it, it should be their families being sued, not the parties who held the event simply because they have money. It is unjust and unwarranted to expect compensation for the death of someone who made a poor decision that cost their life, especially when the initial fault is still left in the parents. THE STAFF IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CHILD, YOU ARE, monitor your child, and do not threaten to end an amazing event for greed.

  13. nicole says:

    Thats ridiculous. Her parents need to own up to the fact that they were bad parents. They didn’t make sure they knew where their daughter was at all times. They want to blame drugs and raves for their daughters death. Well no one forced her to go. She made those decisions all on her own. And the parents had no idea what she was doing. Who the hell lets their 15 year old go anywhere and not know where they are. Or don’t even bother checking in on them. Thats their fault no one elses. Insomniac and the city should have to pay for anything. These peolpe are just being greedy now. Stop pointing fingers. Stop blaming raves. You’re ruining everyone else’s fun. I’ve been raving over a year. And i’m perfectly fine. I know people that have been going much longer. They’re all still alive. People need to be smart about the choices they make. Their daughter wasn’t and now they want to blame everyone else. Its only your fault and your daughters fault!!

  14. Miss J says:

    Wait so EDC 2010 started at 2 in the afternoon.. It didnt end till 2am.. A 15 year is “out” 12 hrs straight and where are her parents.. (sleep over usually start in the night last I checked.. ) EDC provided a venue for an 18 & over event.. They didnt provide the drugs or forced any lil kidd into the party.. Insomniac shouldn’t be held responsible for the parents not taking care of their child. If they do then the parents should be charged as well. Its not EDCs fault for your child being there its the parents knowing their childs whereabouts. BRING EDC BACK TO LA!!!

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