Snow Prompts Closure Of 5 Freeway Through Grapevine

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LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The main highway between Southern and Central
California was shut down Monday in both directions as blowing snow and ice from another winter storm.

The Grapevine area of Interstate 5 was closed indefinitely around 1 p.m. Sunday after cars began sliding in lanes, said California Highway Patrol Officer Ed Jacobs. No major crashes were reported.

Vehicles were being detoured onto routes 14 and 58 through Lancaster and Mojave, though snow was also falling and threatening closures there, Jacobs said.

A SigAlert was in effect for the northbound Golden State (5) Freeway at Smokey Bear Road outside the Angeles National Forest to Parker Road in Castaic.

The Lake Hughes Road, Templin Highway and Parker on-ramps were closed and traffic would be turned south at Parker, the CHP said Monday.

The CHP reported heavy snow that started to stick overnight on the northbound Antelope Valley (14) Freeway at Agua Dulce.

Winds were gusting to 90 miles in mountain areas and snow was accumulating at elevations as low as 1,500 feet. Between four and eight inches was expected in some areas.

Forecasters said six inches was likely in Lancaster and at other spots on the Antelope Valley floor, which is about 2,300 feet above sea level.

By mid-afternoon on Sunday, heavy snow made driving difficult in the Santa Clarita area, and steady rain had moved across the coastal plains and valleys.

More than an inch of rain was expected in the Los Angeles area through Monday, with temperatures dipping into the 40s.

It’s the latest in a series of winter storms that saturated Southern California for much of December.

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  • Vee

    oh no! Im planning on driving to SacTown next week. I hope the 5N isnt shut down or else how would i get there?

    • Bob

      Take the 101 freeway north and cut over at hwy 152 in Gilroy back to the I-5

      • Vee

        Thanks! Im writing down everyone’s suggestions and hope its not closed next weekend!

      • Cheryll

        Where is the best place to cut over to 101 if you are traveling South from Portland?

    • Lynda Beers

      it never stays shut very long, otherwise you’l need to take the long scenic route up the 101 to the 41N. You’ll get there!

    • BC

      It the Grapevine (Tejon Pass) is closed, you can take the 14 through Santa Clarita. It will add about 45 minutes to an hour to the drive, but at least you’ll be able to get there. The 14 is before you start heading over the pass

  • keith

    Try planning ahead and leaving early.

  • Norma Armstrong

    Snowing in Castaic since 1:00

  • jay

    and it is snowing in the Santa Clarita Valley

  • rw

    You’ll also have to the 58 towards Bakersfield after you on the Hwy 14.

    • DLS

      It’s slow going right now on the 14 north to 58 in Mojave as It is snowing on Kern County side of the 14.

  • David Kaplan

    I like to make a comment on DUI in South L.A. TThat is a no no.

  • Johnny Sanders

    Its snowing in castaic!! its about 1/4 of an inch not much yet but its still coming down

  • JackFrost

    I’m in Frazier Park just off the Interstate 5 close to the summit. The 5 will be shut for a while. Its colder then usual, 23 degrees up here. The snow started coming down this morning around 10am and never stopped, in fact it got heavier. Its now almost 5pm on Sunday and there’s a good foot of snow on the floor. We’ve yet to see a snow plow. If you don’t have chains or 4×4 you should not consider driving around here. What’s different from past years is the snow is all the way down to the base of the Grapevine on the north and extends even to Valencia CA. This means its snowing even at 1600 ft.
    It does not look as if the 5 will open till perhaps Tuesday.

    • jagh2o

      did you get through there ok, JackFrost? my parents are heading south on 5 from Central Valley to help me move and I don’t know how to reroute them if things aren’t reopened by 2pm when they’re slated to come through that pass…

  • rebecca

    is there any accedients in hwy 58 twards lancaster?

  • Maria

    we;re are stuck at Grapevine (past Tejon pass). There is no police, no info, nothing! How do we get out of here?!

  • joe trafic

    dont take 14 … there is huge traffic according to google maps and navteq traffic… just take 126 west to 101N …

  • Nancy

    Yes, listen to Joe Trafic.
    That is what my son is doing and he is going to Bakersfield. Take 126 west to 101 north.
    Be careful! Let me know if you are still having trouble.

  • Danika

    We are driving south from Stockton and just found out the Grapevine is closed… Thinking of taking the 152 to Gilroy to 101. Or should we wait till the 41 west? Any suggestions?

    • sharon

      my daughter tired 41 about 730pm. It’s stopped or 5 mph. She went back to the 5 south. She just passed 58 and police have blocked it and sent her farther south on the 5. Not sure where though!!! She has another friend 5 hr ahead of her still on the 58 to 14 to LA route. 5 hrs from turn off and STILL trying to get to LA. Ug!

  • Hart

    I am planning on going to Disneyland on tuesday morning from Palmdale…Do you think the freeways will be clear going south?

    • dav jonsey

      Just stay home

    • genesis

      yes they’ll be open i’ve checked the weather from here to santa monica and as of tues it all says either sunny somewhere in the 50’s or sunny and somewhat cloudy in the 50’s and its gonna stay like that for the rest of the week just be careful or check the weather before you leave just in case it changes

      • genesis

        i had the same problem two years ago except i went to disneyland two days before it snowed because i was originally gonna go the day it snowed but my bf had to go to the airport to pick up family so we got lucky going earlier because he had to put chains on his sisters escalade just to take bouquet canyon back home

    • meg

      There shouldn’t still be snow heading south from Palmdale by Tues. It never lingers that long, and 5 south should be fine by then. It may be raining, so just be careful of that.

  • julie

    If at all possible don’t get yourself stuck on 14 north like we are. Traffic is stop and go, and has been for the last 2 hours if not longer… It’s going to be a long drive home.

    • priss

      they re threatening to shut the 14 down!

  • Miguel

    My wife and family are stuck at the Grapevine. I’m trying to help them get home…they are waiting for it to be reopen..I don’t see the 126 as joe trafic suggested…I only see 166 and 58 going to 101 …are these hwys open? Anyone knows if the Grapevine will reopen soon??
    Thank you

  • Miguel

    OH I SEE!!! I found 126 but that is south of the Grapevine …my family is coming south from Wasco/Bakersfield are…any suggestion to get around Grapevine…
    sorry for the misunderstanding about 126 ;)

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  • Brenda

    Need to get to Bakersfield from Anaheim. Is the 5 still closed, if yes what alternate route can I take?? Pls help!! My family and I need to attend a funeral over there at 4:30

  • barbara mayeda

    is the Grapevine closed? someone please let me know.

  • jgh2o

    anyone still up in the grapevine? is it still closed? my fam is coming south from central valley and are slated to come through the grapevine at about 2pm and I don’t know how to reroute them, if needed.

    Any suggestions? They’re already 3 hours into their drive, so I don’t think turning around and going back home is an option, unless it’s really that bad. Silly thing is, I lived in Montana for a few years and they hardly ever close the fwys due to snow, just go very slow and you’re fine.

  • Victoria Cargill

    It looks like I-5 via the Grapevine is open right now. If for some reason they are not able to come to Bakersfield via the I-5 you would have reroute them to Hwy 14 thu Lancaster area then on to Hwy 58 to make it to Bakersfield, As both routes seem to be open at 1pm I think they should be good for this moment..

  • maggie7

    hello friendlys can someone help me and let me know if highway 5 is now open. I am going from LA to Bakersfield. it is 1:00 p.m Thank you

  • sassyone

    no one is talking about the route i took last night…I got off the 5N at 119, took 119 to 33 to 166 to 101s and took the 101s to long beach (from oakland) no traffic, but long, long slow drive up a mountain…to 101s. what should have been a 5 hour trip home ended up being 12 hours long

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