CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) — Many iPhone customers had some explaining to do after they overslept to start the new year, due to a glitch in the gadget’s alarm clock feature.

Users who set their iPhone alarm for a single wake-up rather than recurring use found the alarm didn’t go off with the year’s arrival, Apple spokeswoman Natalie Harrison said Sunday.

A fix is in the works, and all iPhone alarms will work properly starting Monday, she said.

The glitch affects iPhones using Apple’s latest iOS 4.0 operating system.

Online postings on blogs and social media sites described people being late for work, church services and other appointments on Saturday and Sunday because of the problem.

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Comments (4)
  1. Richard in Castaic says:

    I have a 3G and iOS 4 is essentially a virus. This was a great phone before 4.0 came out, at first after the 4 upgrade, it was pretty much bricked, but they’ve made 2 revisions since then that have returned some functionality. But the 3G is still slow and often hangs waiting for apps to open. I will not forget what Apple did to my iPhone, when my contract is over, I’m switching to Android.

    1. Bill Rogers says:

      Gimme a break. iPhone is the best phone on the market, has the most apps and is fun to use. This is an easy fix. If you want perfection you’re on the wrong planet.

    2. Trisha says:

      You are beyond an idiot! Your 3G doesn’t work simply because it’s too ANCIENT for not only the network, but for the ever progressing iOS. Get an iPhone 4 and your problem will be solved.

  2. Me says:

    So this is “important” compared to the people losing their hotmail? Editors – get a clue….

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