Wine Pairing Tips From Tommy Bahama Island Grill

STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Wine experts from Tommy Bahama Island Grill in Newport Beach visited KCAL 9 Wednesday to demonstrate New Year’s Eve wine pairings.

For tickets to New Year’s Eve at Tommy Bahama Island Grille (854 Avocado Avenue), call (949)760-8686. Tickets are $150, plus tax and gratuity.

Be sure to stop by on Thursdays for half price wine night!

For more information, visit Tommy Bahama.

  • Reina Flores

    Hello, an Advance Sommelier was watching and found that your expert did not exactly match the wine. For example, normally it is recommended to match a bright acid like Albarino (white wine from Spain) with a citrus sauce instead of a low acid grape like Viognier and a Pino Nior would have been a much better match with perhaps a duck and the winter vegetable instead of the steak. The Champagne was an ok match and the chocolate was good but perhaps a sweet wine like a Port might be favored. This is a trick business I recommend seeking more information from other Advance Sommeliers might help. Thanks for reading “Happy New Year”!!!

  • Alicia

    it would have been nice to find the suggested wines after being referred to the KCal site for more information. I am disappointed to not find the named wines and their pairings here. ;-(

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