DESERT HOT SPRINGS (CBS) — A German shepherd is back home safe after getting his head stuck in a wall.

A woman called authorities Monday to report that her neighbor’s 8-month-old dog, Rebel, had managed to squeeze his head through a wall and became stuck.

rebel stuck 2 German Shepherd Free After Getting Head Stuck In Wall

(credit: Riverside County Department Of Animal Services)

The dog’s owner was not home, but her friend was and called for help.

Riverside County Animal Services Sgt. James Huffman said his initial reaction was, “Wow, how’d he get in there? And why is there a hole that big in the wall?”

Huffman and Officer Hector Palafox checked the dog’s breathing and determined he was not in serious danger. The officers were able to maneuver the dog safely out without breaking down the wall and risking further injury to the animal.

rebel free German Shepherd Free After Getting Head Stuck In Wall

(credit: Riverside County Department Of Animal Services)

After Rebel was released, Huffman advised the dog be kept away from the wall. Huffman said he would also talk to the property owner about putting chicken wire on the wall’s hole.

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Comments (14)
  1. jasonw says:

    I think that’s a Belgium Malinois, not a shepherd…The color is off for a shepherd. Just saying.

    1. william taruc says:

      i’m sure that knowing the breed is more important than getting the freakin dog out of the wall. just saying.

    2. Simone says:

      That’s definitely a shepherd. There are different variations of color for shepherds from light to even black. So glad he got out! He’s beautiful! I love shepherds.

  2. frankie2010 says:

    Love that dog’s expression when he’s stuck. So expressive. He looks like “Darn. What the hell did I do to myself just now!” LOL. Good to hear everything turned out okay!

  3. GEORGE says:


  4. Kimberlee Jones says:

    Nope, looks like a GSD. Malinois are usually tan colored with black markings on the face. The color that this GSD is is a black sable which is apart of the breeds color patterns.

  5. David says:

    Chicken wire? Why not replace the block? DUH!

    1. Simone says:

      I thought the same thing! Weird! But then maybe it means they’d have to replace the whole wall. If I were the owner I’d definitely look into that.

  6. Darlingshow says:

    German shepards are very smart dogs I am sure he tried to get out, and in his head he was like hmmmmm what now

  7. Josh Butts says:

    Why was there a hold that big in that wall? Come on. Short article. Proof read people!

  8. Joe says:

    The dog is probably saying, “Darn, I should have not chased that stupid cat through this hole!”.

  9. Bill R. says:

    It’s a Mal, or at least a mix. Look at the way it is sitting. The eyes are a dead giveaway.

  10. Jiddy says:

    As hard as it was to get him out, I have to wonder if he really got his head through the hole without ‘help.’ This could be a case of animal abuse. Poor puppy! Glad it ended well for him.

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