WRIGHTWOOD (AP) — Officials say a Fullerton man has died while snowboarding at Mountain High ski resort in Wrightwood.

The San Bernardino Coroner’s Office says the accident was reported at 6:06 p.m. Monday. The 24-year-old man, who had collided with trees, was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead shortly after.

The victim’s name was not released pending notification of his next of kin.

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Comments (28)
  1. Denny906 says:

    Was he texting at the time?

  2. joe says:

    Seems like something always happen at Mtn High/Wrightwood every year. Unfortunate end to a young man’s life and during the holidays makes it worse.

  3. Milk Toast says:

    Snowboarders don’t have the precision maneuverability skiers have and tend to suffer from “dumb a##” syndrome. Annoying bunch of pricks moving at speeds beyond their ability level. I’m just glad the jerkoff didn’t take out a little kid, as I’ve seen them do often.

    1. Me says:

      You’re a jerk. If you only knew the guy and the many people he has helped in his short life, maybe you wouldn’t be so negative! This guy has done many things in his life, helping orphans and many people in need. The good sure do die young.

      1. Iana Cubara says:

        he was one of the orphans

    2. Jeffro says:

      Wow, you’re a class act, calling a dead young man a “jerkoff”. Your parents did an outstanding job of raising you. Here’s a toast to their failed attempt at parenthood.

      1. Summer says:

        Wow — Milk Toast, you are a Heartless person! You did not know this young man therefore who are you to judge! I 2nd the toast to the failed attempt at parenthood!

    3. You says:

      You’re an idiot to assume he was a reckless rider. For all we know he could have went into a tree after trying to avoid another rider or just riding beyond his ability. I hope you decide to grow up and show respect for others especially when deceased. By the way, I board and it’s usually skiers going very fast cutting me off I always have to look out for them. I see collisions and accidents all the time and the majority are the skiers fault (also since he is behind the other person and going too fast)

    4. Zay says:

      Wow. Stereotype much? You should pat your parents on the back for raising you so well. they must be so proud.

    5. Girl says:

      It’s easy to lose control doing ANYTHING you a##hole. You’re a jock who needs to grow up and get over the whole “my sport is better than your sport” syndrome. A young man was KILLED because he lost control and went into the trees, not because he was trying to show off and “move at speeds beyond his ability level.”
      Go slap yourself and then slap your parents for raising an immature prick.

    6. wow says:

      wow a death has occured and you can throw a cruel comment like that out? YOu definitely have ISSUES and veryy immature. You were right about it being good that he didnt take a kid out, but its too bad he missed you! grow up!

  4. Matt Anderson says:

    Feel bad for this kids family. Sorry this is how you’re spending your holidays. I hope the holidays in subsequent years are filled with joy and happiness as opposed to misery and sorrow. Hopefully after time, these times of the year will become a happy time again.

    His skill level as a snowboarder isn’t mentioned, but to you that are thinking about taking up the sport: GO GET LESSONS!!! It’s worth it and not making any trips to the ER is a plus

    1. myspacethirdbase says:

      Lessons will not help you at Mountain High!! Only God can..avoid that place or it may cost you your life, the accidents there number in the 1000’s each year. What you see there..oddles of drunken young people, massive out of control snowboarders, gobs of trash left behind, but money talks and the kids are paying~~ I haven’t seen a respectful adult drive up Hwy 2 to ski at Mtn Higth in years..

  5. Gary says:

    You need help to make a comment like that. Go check yourself in to a mental hospital.

  6. Max says:

    Snowboarders are out of control, one crashed into me hard, I’m surprised I lived. They should be banned!!

  7. Josh Butts says:

    Those trees are out to get us people! Beware!

  8. john says:

    Sorry to hear this bad news. What I am about this say has nothing to do with the person that died… I love riding Mt high for their terrain park but Im upset that they dont do a good job of catching drunk/high kids in their own property. I can smell marijuana whenever i walk through the parking lot even while riding in the slopes. To Mt high… pay attention and get rid of these pot smokers.

  9. E.Hak says:

    Skiers and snowboarders need to learn to get along. Each should respect the degree of difficulty that the other is trying to master. I prefer to do both, depending on the conditions and usually hitting up one, then the other by day’s end. It *is* harder to snowboard, but you get better more quickly. I’ve had a skier spray my wife & I while she was learning to board. The resorts aren’t helping either. Anyone remember the markers all around the mountain preventing jumps? Now it’s promoted. Trying to get down Bear Mtn’s Quad run to the right is like trying to survive a battlefield. Not fun when you’re always looking over your shoulder. What happened to yielding the person below you? The resorts are giving in and not even enforcing that one. Go far away if you still want courtesy and safety. So. Cal doesn’t have it anywhere. Hopefully Mammoth hangs on to it.

  10. Joanne Falahat says:

    My comment is to Milk Toast, how rude and disrespectful can you be. This young man was enjoying his sport and had an accident. You need to check yourself in to a mental hospital and get some help. I feel sorry for your parents because I am sure they did not teach you this way. Show some respect to the family.

  11. Pan De Leche Hater says:

    Milk Toast will reap his!!!!

  12. Joe says:

    The slope he bit on, Headwall, can be quite tretcherours at night time. I suspect that he may have lost control on a slick of ice. There had been quite a bit of rain the past week prior to the last snowing so I’m sure there are layers of ice lurking below that fresh powder,

  13. MMFB says:

    Max……Ok………ban SKIERS for trying to Ski in a SNOWBOARDERS world. This is SOCAL. You need to move if you want to enjoy skiing. This is the first steps to a world of wreckless abandon. Early signs of the President and the rest of the world for taking religion out of our childrens lives!!!!!!!!!

  14. Plescho says:

    This is exactly what happened…regardless of skill level or if he was trying to show off (M.Toast), he caught some ice and lost control just as anyone would. Such an unfortunate end to this guys life. Mr Toast, he was a good guy. I wonder what people will say after youve just died, maybe their comments to your parents or loved one will be just as nice.

  15. MikeyB says:

    When I was a hot skiier I wouldn’t cut snowboards any slack, probably made a few crash or at least scared them. Quit skiing a few years ago. Now as a beginner on the snowboard skiiers scare me. Karma is just. Now I look around alot more, smile and wave at everyone. Peace in the New Year 2011!

  16. Vika/Arthur Zeliznii says:

    For somebody it’s just a comment, for us who knew him it’s a feeling, he will always be our best friend!!!
    It’s very emotional.
    This tragedy makes me think more about how precious life is.
    God gave us just 1 life, so let’s do it worth.

  17. Iana Cubara says:

    if you people don’t know how to just say that you are sorry WITHOUT the “was he texting” stuff……………..just feel sorry for the people that were close to him and don’t hate!!!!!!

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