LOS ANGELES (AP) — The man who owns “Octomom” Nadya Suleman’s La Habra home says he’s going ahead with eviction proceedings because she can’t come up with a $450,000 balloon payment.

Amer Haddadin says he’s fed up with excuses, and will proceed with an eviction if Suleman and her lawyer Jeff Czech don’t pay him the balance on the house by the end of the year.

Landlord Says He’s Ready To Evict Nadya Suleman, KNX 1070’s Jon Baird Reports

Haddadin says that Czech and Suleman became joint owners of the house, after her father bought the house and transferred the deed.

He suspects they have the money to pay him.

Reached by phone Sunday, Czech said he hadn’t heard anything about the proceedings and had no immediate comment.

Suleman and her 14 children have lived in the house since her octuplets came home from the hospital nearly two years ago.

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Comments (27)
  1. swhit says:

    Good for him. Sick of hearing about her and her kids. There are plenty families on the streets living with kiids that deserve more air time and help.

  2. Pooky says:


  3. KirkRemington says:

    I hope she does get evicted! That piece of trash lady is good for nothing. I hope she ends up on the streets as a pack of hungry dogs eat her.

  4. Buck says:

    This guy news go court. Not the news I am tired of this story.

  5. stubbon mule says:

    everyone is crying about this woman & her kids…..look at the kids the illegal immigrants have and you have to support them….they not american citizen..

  6. Katarina S. says:


  7. skinnybones says:

    im sick of hearing about this lady, as if she were some celeb or something. Evict her already!! She is nothing special..

  8. john says:

    guess what all you stupid idiots…..if she gets kicked out, your tax dollars will go to her, to, house, feed and take care of her children.

  9. OJ Simpson says:

    She needs to get on her knees and make some money. She was dumb enough to want the kids and put her body through all the stress now it her time for men to have a chance to work her body over.

  10. voiceofreason says:

    Why all the hostility towards this woman? Have any of you every been without a home? It is not fun. Her kids should not have to suffer for the sins of the mother. Always remember “there but for the grace of God go I”.

  11. notlovinLA says:

    That may be true, john, but do you really think her and her brood of 14 is going to impact the taxpaxers that effectively? Not likely. So why should this homeowner, who also has to make a living, be negatively impacted by Suleman’s irresponsibility? Why should HER needs come before HIS? They shouldn’t, and that’s why all these people you call idiots are in agreeance with him to KICK HER OUT! Most of the world feels this way. Enough is enough! I feel sorry more for the people that have had the disgrace of coming into contact with her or have had to do business with her than I do her. There are plenty of good homes for those unfortunate children.

  12. Chris says:

    This is a prime example of why the Doctor who performed the AI should be held accountable (Pay for his carelessness), and OctoMom needs to do the right thing -figure out how to take care of them financially. Who did the Doctor and OctoMom think was going to support all those kids – us taxpayers and anyone else but them?
    I hope the guy does evict her, CPS takes her kids, and she is finally deemed an unfit mother. She is irresponsible, and wreckless. if she owes, she is no different than anyone else, evict her.

  13. sculpty says:

    Nadya, Please stop exploiting your children. They need a good home. Not the chaos you have created, for your own selfish reasons. You should have learned the meaning of “family planning”….

  14. Tamara Daniel says:

    It was foolish to allow her to move into the home to begin with…how was she going to pay for it with no income? People allowed emotions to get in the way of common sense resulting in this mess. Nadia deserves to be put out on the streets for being irresponsible and lazy! I’m tired of her foolishness and I hope her family is too. I hope that someone will have the backbone to stop enabling her forcing her to step up to the plate and be a real mother. If not, the children are young enough to be adopted into families where their mothers will not use them as meal tickets.

  15. harris says:

    he’s been saying this for a long time now he just needs to do it and shut up about it

  16. sarah says:

    why hasn’t she done that porno yet? she can earn enough money to pay one months rent on a studio apartment.

  17. BOO YAAA says:

    To bad craigslist escort site is gone she could have made some serious chedder already! She is a confused woman that looks like a circus sideshow! Hey here is a final thought she can join a circus and people can pay to see her and her bad plastic surgery and 14 rugrats dressed like clowns….

    peace out

  18. Max says:


  19. Aaron Epstein says:

    I can certainly sympathize with jabs posted above towards the mom. But unfortunately, her children did not ask to come into this world and hostility towards them is unwarranted. The needs of the children cannot be ignored. Hopefully something can be worked out with the landlord who also has needs.

  20. Richard in Castaic says:

    Ya gotta admit she’s hot. Smoke’n hot actually. For the record I adore her and wish her the best. I hope she can get welfare and AFDC because as a taxpayer, I’m proud to see my money spent on a worthy cause like Nadya.

    Nadya Rules!!!

  21. christiana says:

    such hostility! its kind of scary to see all the hard feelings toward this woman! true, she didnt use good judgment in bringing so many kids into the world without planning on the financial part of being a parent, but i for one hope everything works out somehow!

  22. Pat says:

    Let the state put her kids in foster home & don’t worry about the mother she can go homeless but not the kids, they didn’t ask to come into this world.

    1. mister s says:

      Best solution right here. People that defend her try and say that action against her will only punish the kids and thats not fair. But she shouldn’t be allowed to hide behind her kids either. Seperate them while they are all still young, this woman shouldn’t be allowed a free ride.

  23. Sheba says:

    Come on people cant you see through the con. This house was aquired 2 years ago and has a balloon payment of 450.000.00 I dont think so. The owner is not charging that girl to live there. They are just finding new ways to make money off of people hart strings. put her out section 8 will give her a big home and food stamps to match. when her children get grown they will get free college. I dont feel sorry for them they will do better then us all

  24. jackhammer3853 says:

    I hope she can find peace in her life
    with her children now the they are here.

  25. OcHa Simanjorang says:

    Previously to supply them selves by incorporating free time and to share their particular accountability your land lords would certainly retain the services of … This can be a bad level … Co.united kingdom to get the …Bad Landlord List

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