RIVERSIDE  (AP) — Authorities say a pet dog attacked a 2-year-old girl in Riverside, injuring her face and head, but she is expected to survive.

Riverside County Animal Services Capt. Tammie Belmonte said Thursday the attack occurred when the family dog, a 3-year-old American bulldog mix, started looking at the toddler oddly, and then attacked her, pinning her against a television Wednesday night.

An aunt pulled the dog off the girl. The dog, originally thought to be a pit bull mix, then bit the aunt.

The attack was apparently unprovoked, but Belmonte notes that another family dog, a 5-year-old female Australian shepherd, was believed in heat.

She says the bulldog’s behavior could have been more unpredictable due to the female’s fertility signals.

The parents agreed to euthanize both dogs.

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Comments (18)
  1. Bully Breed says:

    There is no such breed as pit bull. It is a loose term referring to several breeds, a group which typically does not include American bulldogs. Sensational pit bull headlines serve only to perpetuate myths and stereotypes about an already demonized type of dog, especially when they are inaccurate as in this case. Get your facts straight.

    1. wobbles says:

      That imaginary breed of yours has shed alot of blood and ruined alot of lives.

  2. Marco says:

    Wow…really? What did the other dog do? Imagine if they euthanized female humans who were in heat.

  3. Annie says:

    Why is the female dog getting put down? She didn’t do anything wrong. If anything, she should get spayed; not euthanized. Irresponsible pet ownership led to this awful accident. And the female dog is going to pay with her life when she did nothing wrong.

  4. WHAT says:

    WHAT THE HECK? How about you euthanize yourself for being a terrible pet owner? Both dogs should have been fixed and none of this would have ever happened.

  5. Samantha adams says:

    This is pathetic. How irresponsible are these owners. Of course the terrier mix would act odd when another dog was in heat. It just shows how irresponsible they are in that they had both dogs out down. What was need for that. Why wern’t the owners put down for their actions. Dogs are made to suffer for the stupidity of people.

  6. April says:

    First the second dog’s breed is not named in the bold title and than it says pit bull and than bull dog. It is media reports like this that give pit bulls a bad name when they are really wonderful dogs!!!! Parents should never leave their babies or toddlers unsupervised with a dog, even if it is a family pet. Use common sense people!

  7. 2958 says:

    This is a joke, the dogs pay for irresponsible dog owners! How STUPID a dog bites someone and he gets put down, a person kills some one and we take care off them in prison!!!!!!! Dumb government and pet owners

    1. Esther says:

      i agree…what would people say if after a rape we sentenced both the rapist and the victim to death?…obviously women are at fault for that type of violence in the world right? why do people take their stupidity out on lesser animals?

  8. WAGNER says:


  9. Mel Gibson says:

    I hate dogs. They are always killing or mauling little Kids. They should all be put down Humans are idiots trying to have Dogs as Pets.
    They make messes and they bark at Nothing

  10. Andy says:

    Is that even the actual dog in the photo? That dog looks more like a beagle. Whether it is or it isn’t, doesn’t a photo like that only inflame people when they see it? Would they use a photo of an accused human murderer holding a knife?

  11. Dave says:

    What did the female dog do wrong?Put down the owners! Hope they read this…..

  12. Bamby says:

    Omygah same question, Why the female dog? She had nothing to do with the dog that attacked…. Thank god that the kiddo is going to be ok. Andy I do not think that that is a photo of the dog that attacked.

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