LOS ANGELES (AP) — Federal inspectors seized a $450,000 shipment of more than 21 million Chinese plastic bags at the Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Jaime Ruiz said Monday that the shipment violates antidumping duty laws.

The Daily Breeze in Torrance says importing goods at an unfairly low or subsidized price is a violation of federal law.

Customs officials are responsible for collecting the required import duty fees of up to 77.5 percent of the value of the bags. Chinese-made plastic bags made up of more than 50 percent polyethylene are subject to antidumping duty fees.

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Comments (4)
  1. Derk says:

    Its about time our government does something to protect its citizens instead of milking them. We spend trillions of dollars on the war effort in the middle east however our citizens are out of work, losing homes and our economy is its worst in years. Big business is allowed to bring in cheap Chinese product, Korean cars and anything else that makes corporations rich. However did you know the same countries that send their wares to us stop US products from coming to their country to compete. This unfair trade practice has to end.

    1. geeM says:

      I could not agree with you more. If 75% of our U.S. population tried to buy american made or grown products and avoid imports as much as possible. we would put most of the unemployed back to work.

  2. Steve Bag says:

    I say this is silly. Simple economics states that if we can get them cheaper, we should, and it will make society better off as a whole. This only has negative consequences on society, because it is going to not only cost everyone incrementally more, but it will also cost money to seize these. It would be silly to have the added nonsense cost added to have “legal” bags. Spend your time catching drug traffic-ers and terrorists, than cheaper bag bringers.

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