STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Done with your Christmas shopping? Then Margaret Radford of the Container Store will show you how to wrap it!

Radford will walk Sandra Mitchell and Dave Gonzales through wrapping presents with few seams showing and making the best use of double-sided tape.

Radford will also demonstrate the Pom Pom Bow.

For more gift-wrapping tips, go to the Container Store online.

Comments (2)
  1. Cooper says:

    Seriously?! A four minute segment on how to wrap a simple box? Did the anchor woman seriously ask Margaret Radford where she could get double stick tape? Uh, I can find that at the local CVS or Ralph’s… I don’t have to go to the Container Store or a craft store! Is this the local news or is this the Martha Stewart show?

  2. Cooper says:

    Thanks for the tip. Oh by the way^^^^ is gay. Lol

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