LOS ANGELES (CBS) — December 15 is the most dangerous driving day of the year in California, according to research by a major insurance company.

Allstate Says Dec. 15 Generates The Most Collision Claims

Allstate reviewed four years of insurance claims and found that there are more accidents — 23 percent more than the daily average — on Dec. 15.

“This spike in crashes could be related to weather, holiday shopping or other distractions,” said Robert Feldman, an Allstate agency owner in Los Angeles. “What’s important for drivers is that we stay focused while at the wheel whether on the highway or in the driveway — on Dec. 15 and every day of the year.”

The top five days for car accident claims in California are: Dec. 15, Feb. 14, Oct. 13, Dec. 18 and Sept. 5.

Allstate advises drivers to reduce their speed in poor weather, eliminate distractions by turning off cell phones, and place holiday packages in the trunk, so that they don’t shift around inside the vehicle.

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Comments (5)
  1. Wrx says:

    When dealing with random elements like this, there will always be a “Top 5” days for car accidents. There is no real underlying cause. It’s just statistics.

  2. Marcus says:

    A 23% higher accident rate on the 15th suggests that it is not just random, but without looking at every day, and the variation between them, it’s impossible to say.

  3. Valley girl818 says:


    1. whats up says:

      Wish I was in your hands

  4. Ashanti says:

    The most likely reason is that December 15 is the last pay period before Christmas so a higher number of people are out holiday shopping before automatic deductions are taken out of their account and bills are paid.

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