California, Feds Sign Earthquake Response Plan

PASADENA (AP) — California and federal emergency responders have signed a plan designed to respond to a disastrous earthquake in Southern California.

A similar state-federal pact was developed two years ago for dealing with a quake in Northern California.

More than 1,500 emergency officials worked on the Southern California response plan, which was signed Tuesday. It outlines how to deploy resources and handle injuries from a hypothetical magnitude-7.8 quake on the southern San Andreas Fault.

Officials of the California Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency participated in the signing ceremony in Pasadena.

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  • Chris

    There are too many people in California not to mention LA…what makes them think they can help???? there willl be mass riots…the only way they will do anything is by sending in the military for doing what they do best…..

    It will be ugly…it’s not the earthquake that will be the disaster…it will be the aftermath of people.

  • Steve Sidenberg

    Thats why we have people in place C.E.R.T. as well as others to work together as a team in your neighborhoods to help each other maintain a sense of calm and assist those that need emergency first responders, Fire / Rescue will come but may take time

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