California may sell state buildings to ease budget crisis in Sacramento

The Cow Palace is seen through a chain link fence in Daly City, California. In an effort to raise cash to help California's financial woes, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is proposing to sell some well known State properties. (Getty Images)

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    My quest to restore Leadership, Experience and Integrity to City Hall

    YJ Draiman
    Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles (2013)

    I’m not a politician. You won’t get politically correct doublespeak from me, just the plain facts. The plain facts are often disturbing and as a NC Board Member I’ve never been shy from revealing the sometimes ugly truth about the way the City functions.

    Career politicians like the current have no interest in serving the public; rather, they use public office to serve their own interests and those of the small but wealthy cadre of greedy “special interests” who fund their campaigns in return for favors when decisions over controversial matters such as billboards and development have to be made by elected officials.

    All too often, the City Council’s actions support the special interests at the expense of the interests of the ordinary people like you and me.

    When common sense dictates that our already over-congested streets should not be further burdened by more high-density luxury condominium developments, current elected official’s side with the developers and contractors who funnel campaign contributions to further their interests. We need a Los Angeles with Financial Sustainability that is my goal.

    My pledge is for a “City of Los Angeles for the people” not for the politicians and special interests.

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