Former ‘Baywatch’ Babe Claims TSA Targeted Her

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Former “Baywatch” star and Playboy Playmate Donna D’Errico claims she was singled out during a security screening at LAX because of her good looks.

D’Errico, who called the search an invasion of her privacy, questions why her boyfriend — a weekly flier — has never been selected for the screening.

“You’re just standing there like this (gesturing with her arms raised) naked,” D’Errico told CBS 2 report Rita Garcia.

Although D’Errico has already received plenty of exposure in Playboy, she says those days for her are over.

“I did ‘Playboy’ 15 years ago. It doesn’t mean I’m just going to walk around naked the rest of my life because hey, everyone has already seen it,” D’Errico said.

A TSA spokesman said that he is aware of the star’s accusations, but never addressed the issues, instead stating their policy and procedure.

“The officer who assists the passenger never sees the image the technology produces and it cannot store, print, transmit or save. The image is automatically deleted from the system,” TSA spokesman Nico Melendez said in a released statement.

The TSA also said that a passenger can opt out of the scan, as did Kim and Khloe Kardashian, who instead received a pat down at LAX.

“He said, ‘because you caught my eye.’ Maybe he  saw me and though he would give his buddy in the booth a thrill. I don’t know,” D’Errico said. “They’re saying it is a random selection and now I kind of don’t buy that.”

D’Errico said she did not plan on filing any type of formal complaint with the TSA.

  • MMcK

    Yeah right, Just looking for headlines.

  • heywood_93555

    it must have been all the silicone that set off the alarm.

  • Marcus

    Only 3% of passengers get selected for the body scanner or patdown (per the TSA), and D’Errico and both Kardashian sisters just happened to fall into that group?

  • Thomas Bleming

    Another example of grossly violating the privacy of American citizens.

    As long as the American people continue to allow this sort of illicit action to be aimed at AMERICAN citizens, the longer these TSA thugs will continue to mess over them.

    The only answer is for the flying public to boycott the airlines.

    Welcome to the land of the free.

  • rckbarajas

    just another one hit has-been trying to get attention. She couldn’t even act on Baywatch.

    • mister s

      To be fair……. neither could anyone else.

  • swhit

    Boycott flying and vote out the idiots who take away our rights. Enough is enough!
    The people need to take a stand!

  • Thomas Bleming

    I would rather be a “has been” than a “never was”.

  • cwc43

    Boycott the airlines??? You are the same person who buys an airline ticket once a year….for those of us who fly regularly, I would rather have the peace of mind that the person next to me isn’t going to end my life! So please stay at home and leave room for those of us who fly.

  • FLF

    I agree somebody seeking fifteen minutes of fame ONCE AGAIN!

  • Thomas Bleming

    To CWC43: Wait till those TSA thugs get to wanding your anal cavity. Will you go along with that to satisfy their “security” demands? All of their childish actions are aimed at innocent American citizens. The whole TSA game is just one more facet of Big Brother’s power and control over the gullible American public, those of you who still cling to the lies that have been dished out by their propaganda machine, all in the name of the so-called “War on Terror”, which is just another lie in which to strip us of our Constitutional rights.

    By the way, how do you know of my airlines purchases? For your information I use to fly quite regularly. I am now going to curtail this and the airlines will be the losers not I.

  • nealadams70

    If you dont like the procedures …GO AMTRAK

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