LAKE VIEW TERRACE (AP) — Authorities say a big rig driven by an unlicensed 16-year-old flipped as it rolled down an embankment in Los Angeles and landed within feet of a mobile home.

California Highway Patrol says the driver fell asleep early Tuesday morning on Interstate 210 in the San Fernando Valley. A 20-year-old and a teenage passenger were treated for minor injuries and the driver wasn’t immediately charged.

CHP Officer Francisco Villalobos says it appears the 20-year-old got tired and let the 16-year-old take the wheel as the rig drove some 300 miles from Livingston south to Ontario.

The truck, which also held a 3-year-old and another teen, was hauling whipped cream.

A person who lived in the home just feet from the crash said another rig carrying chocolate syrup crashed near his home a decade ago.

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Comments (10)
  1. mister s says:

    This needs to result in jail time for the 20 yr old who let the 16 yr old drive, and fines for the company as a whoke for clean up and damage. I met a 19 yr old the other day with commercial licence. Fartoo young too operate that kind of machiner in my opinion. People need more experience driving regular sized vehicles first. This is probobly a family trucking business rather than a national carrier.

  2. Really says:

    The driver wasn’t immediately charged? Why not?

  3. John T says:


  4. john torres says:

    They need some serious consequences for their actions. Obviously a 20 year old is also too young to drive a big rig and make sound decisions.

  5. terry says:

    why is the 20 year old to young to drive a big rig, he’s old enough to get his head blown off in any conflict or war this counrty has ever had to date

    1. mister s says:

      Because he hasn’t had enough experience operating normal sized vehicles before he gets behind the wheel of a much larger piece of speeding metal and operates it dangerously close to other people on the road. He just proved he is too irresponsible to have that job. No idea why kids were even in the cab, but if he was too tired he should have just parked it. Now if he want to join the military as a truck driver, get some experience under his belt, then everyone on the road could feel safer. No idea why the law allowes such a young lerson to put others in danger like that. Hes lucky his stupid decision didn’t gt any innocent motorist killed.

  6. MAX says:


  7. ms says:

    im 4 houses down. the 20 yr old was in shock searching for his ins papers when i went up to him and the chp were unaware who drove until later in the morning they were searching for ‘bodies’ til dawn.

  8. vic says:

    As a gas hauler now we have to be more sirius because of these types of drivers.
    20 yrs old truck driver what a jokkkkkkk

  9. hugo mata says:

    i was a caltrans worker that day and the driver got arrested and the 20 yr old as well for child indangerment….also i will add the caltrans workers did take all the extra whipcream, sour cream, half and halfs, and any other products that where in the shade and still was in good or fair condition..

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