Registered Sex Offender Accused Of Assaulting Girl, 2

FREMONT (AP) — A registered sex offender being held on suspicion of sexually assaulting a 2-year-old girl in a Union City retail store is due back in court Monday.

Thirty-six-year-old Eugene Ramos is being held without bail after being charged Friday with committing a forcible lewd act with a child younger than 14, assault with intent to commit a sex crime and attempted intercourse or sodomy with a child younger than 10.

Union City police say Ramos sexually assaulted the girl Wednesday afternoon at a Dollar Tree Store while her grandmother and aunt were shopping in the next aisle.

Ramos did not enter a plea during his hearing Friday. Deputy public defender Kristen McCannon, the attorney representing him, refused to comment after the hearing.

Ramos is scheduled to return to court Monday at 9 a.m.

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  • Arcadian Duran

    if they are registered, why are they still living??
    if they commit a crime repeatly, they should be killed, society can do without them. why do people still wants them around. i dont understand.

  • Joe

    This pervert should be executed!!!!!!

  • Too Nerdy

    There are a bunch of these guys hanging around out side disney stores, bookstores with children’s books and downtown disney stores in Orange County… never let go of your Kid’s Hands!!

  • 2958

    Keep this idiots in jail…………

  • Arkady

    Such sick SOBs shall be disassambled alive to give people needed organs/body parts

  • Tami

    Well it’s a good thing he was registered. When will they learn sex offenders DON’T GET “BETTER”. They are still SEX OFFENDERS! How many more children will have their lives ruined. When will they learn to keep sex offenders in prison for LIFE! It only takes one time to ruin a child’s life!

  • joerunner

    The problem is there are too many registered so we cant really watch out for who’s dangerous. Thy need to figure who’s a threat because it seems now they can’t watch everyone o it.

  • tom

    What I want to know is…why was the two year old left unattended by her relatives to begin with!?!? They should be charged with criminal negligence and as accessories to the guy’s crime! If you really want to stop this from happening then you need to point the blame appropriately, and make the parent(s) or guardian(s) responsible, so they won’t just let their brats wonder around unsupervised and become perfect targets of kidnappings or sexual assaults.

    • Leticia Inuma

      That’s what I want to knowt oo Tom!

  • Gregr tomario

    Use a cheese grater on his balls

  • Victor Washington

    get the potatoe peeler and skin his peter

  • t. mcgarry

    I’m just relieved that he was registered.

  • Buck

    Let’s all pitch in $100 per street address to a fund that sends them far away. A desert oasis. Somewere no one lives fir at least 75 miles. The money is for there food and a truck that occasdionslly drops lumber fir building shelters. Then all us concerned people can take turns standing guard about 25 miles out and legally shoot any that cross the line

  • DAN


  • Sam Sindaha

    I dont know if a pervert can do all that he is being accused of in the isle of a 99 cent store but I’d hang him just the same, why chance leaving him loose in the world?

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