LOS ANGELES (AP) – For nearly two million Americans who’ve been on unemployment for 99 weeks, the end of the line is near.

AP Capitol Hill Correspondent Jerry Bodlander Talks To KNX 1070

Hundreds of thousands of Californians will lose their unemployment benefits this month, unless Congress changes its mind and approves another extension.

Fiscal conservatives are concerned about adding to the $13.8 trillion national debt.

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  1. Steve says:

    Thats great news! NOT! How about if Congress stops receiving paychecks and CA stop all the free benefits to illegals. Grow some balls. The once great country can’t even take care of their own but they can spend billions helping other countries. What a shame for America.

    1. Trish says:

      You hit the nail on the head. We’ve turned into a namby-pamby country that is going to PC itself to death…..

  2. mcoville says:

    Lets not forget what is important to President Obama: “Congress is poised to give President Barack Obama – along with his wife, Michelle – a congressional victory as the House takes up legislation to push greasy foods off the school lunch line and sugary drinks out of vending machines.

    The president met with liberal Democrats Tuesday in a last minute push to unite his party in support of a $4.5 billion child nutrition bill that would improve lunches in schools and expand feeding programs for low-income students.”

  3. jip says:

    I know 3 people in this situation. One if a good friend. He smoked pot and cigs , and drank daily. He had nothing better to do. After getting tired of hearing me yelling at him over and over, he finally got a job-just in time. The other two do not even bother to look for work. The jobs are there, just do not lose faith or hope and keep trying.

  4. michelle renville says:

    How does my unemployment benefit effect the national debt? That money was paid by me and my employer for my personal security. It should not be considered in the national debt.

    1. mcoville says:

      You and your former employer pay into unemployment to cover a period of time, if you have exceeded that period of time the money comes out of a federal aid package sent to states.

      Keep in mind that the longer people are allowed to stay on unemployment it raises the amount paid in by former employers. Now you may not mind sticking it to he company that let you go, but that is money they can’t use to create jobs and possible hire back employees that where let go. This is the situation the company I work for is in.

  5. michelle renville says:

    This is an outrage. If they cut our unemployment off we will not be able to survive. There are plenty of people like us who seek employment everyday to no avail. Believe me we would rather be working than not eating. The jobs are just not there and if you say they are then employ me!!!!

    1. LifeOnMars says:

      Tell them about it, Michelle. I look everyday for work, to no avail. I have only gone on two interviews in the last year and only 4 companies respond that they even received my resume.

  6. Joe says:

    Fast food is alway hiring. Go to Mcdonalds or Burger King, they will hire you. This freeloading has got to stop. No more benefits!

  7. Tata says:

    Joe is right. There is work all around us. May not be the most desireable but its still something. We should stop relying on big govt to wipe our nose…

  8. LifeOnMars says:

    I have also applied for jobs, I was not qualified for, and over qualified for. For all those who think people on unemployment are lazy, wait until it is your turn.

    1. mcoville says:

      Are you saying that there are no lazy people on unemployment? I would say that not everyone on unemployment are lazy, but there are a lot.

      You need to move if your having so much trouble finding work because I have known people that have looked for work for only a couple of weeks and went on several interviews and received job offers. I see help wanted signs all over Orlando, FL as I am out and about.

  9. Michelle, Ontario, CA says:

    How can I move when I can barely go to the grocery store? where do I find the money to move???

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