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LOS ANGELES (AP) — An attorney for a reality TV producer accused of killing his wife in Mexico is calling his client’s arrest in Los Angeles unconstitutional.

Former “Survivor” producer Bruce Beresford-Redman has been jailed since Nov. 16, when federal agents arrested him on a fugitive warrant.

KNX 1070’s Bill Cooper Reports

He had been sought in Mexico after his wife was killed at a swank Cancun resort during an April vacation.

Defense attorney Richard Hirsch argued in a court filing Monday that prosecutors did not submit evidence to support the warrant for Beresford-Redman.

The producer is due in court later in the day for a bail review hearing, but Hirsch’s motion asks a judge to release him immediately.

Prosecutors say Beresford-Redman is a flight risk.

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Comments (9)
  1. Miles Cerone says:


  2. JOE says:


  3. Richard says:

    Um, where in this article did you see them say “guilty”? There was an warrant because he had fled. Also, recall that he fled Mexico after promising to stay in Mexico while his wif’e’s death was investigated.

    Also, please note that Mexico has asked for his extradition. What does this have to do with “IN THE US”.

    1. Trisha says:

      Well said and I agree completely.

  4. Shaune says:

    That having been said, in this country 9 women die EVERY DAY at the hands of a man that promised to love them. A man that kills his wife gets 4-7 years in jail. A woman that kills her husband gets 20 years…

  5. alan hart says:

    Where is he going to go, Mexico? We all have the greatest respect for the Mexican judicial system and I’m sure that a thorough investigation was done after the fact (attach sarcasm here!). Let Mexico prove their case in a federal court here and if he is found guilty, then send him back to Mexico.

  6. Sue says:

    I knew Monica personally. She was the nicest, sweetest, giving person. She did not deserve to die like that. This was no accident. Let the police do their job. JUSTICE for MONICA!

    1. Brian Harrington says:

      HI Sue I like to share in my sorrows of the lost of your friend but one thing
      do you know for fact that he killed her granted that things happened but do you know something the rest of the world dose not know
      until there is a mounting of evidence pointing towards then we can say guilt as charged all the mexican goverment has is a dead body that was found in a sewer near the resort the probality of hime even to know where to find the local sewer is like winning the mega millions a hundered times and we know those odds…. unless he has been planning this for a long time and that he himself alone had to make many trips to plan out his plan it is highly unlikely that he killed her based on these facts this is like accuseing lee harvey oswald of killing keneddy even though he didn’t do it but the goverment told the world he did
      and there waa two high profile crimes 1 keneddy and the police officer tibiits which occured at the opposite ends of town commited by one person I don’t think so and what was the motive lets get the facts and not make any oppions until everything is presented again I share in your loss and sorrow no one deserves this honest. PS there has to be motive and Oppunity for which a crime has to be commitied or about to take place or a cirminal act and the mexican folks have not establish this and there justice system is much cruppeted then ours trust me

  7. Brian Harrington says:

    Nobody knows what happened the mexican folks did not arrest him there fore there was no means to keep him and in Mexico your are extermly guilty before even considered innoncent. they are on the roman cathloic side of the law
    read about there judicial system if a woman claims rape the accuser dose not have to be even present. now for this guy the arrest is highly unconstional on the grounds that the crime or any evendentry of crime occured it did not in any shape of form occured on US SOIL therfore this is not an arrestable offense the Federal Goverenment in every Direction over step there boundries this is a case of purley false arrest and imprisonment on the behalf of the United states Goverment the mexican Goverment has not shown nor has Proff that he commited a crime and most surspiling is that for the first time that the mexican goverment got involved in wanting to send a man nothingless an american man to jail for an alledge crime without any form of hard evidence for a lady folks the mexican goverment is only involved because of polictics and money and a somewhat high profile case for them, Mexico and espaliy the men of mexico don’t give a rats ass toward women or women rights hell they don’t have a rape crisis center nothing less the men abuse there women and daughters left and right am sure everyone has heard of the countless young women and girls who disapered in Jurez for which they were found to be killed and raped in the most vicous ways then others I hope that he refuses in every way known and don’t sign a dam thing all to the power my friends….

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