Congress reconvenes after Thanksgiving break

SACRAMENTO (CBS) — Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are back to work after the long Thanksgiving holiday, and millions of Americans are eagerly waiting for their elected representatives to extend jobless benefits before they are set to expire.

The law authorizing the so-called Fed-Ed emergency extension for those in danger of losing benefits will expire on Nov. 30, and unless Congress approves an extension of benefits, federal funding for the Fed-Ed program would end, leaving an estimated 150,000 people here in California without any form of income.

California Employment Development Department spokeswoman Loree Levy explains the situation to KNX 1070’s Dick Helton.

To follow the latest developments concerning jobless benefits, visit the EDD’s website for more info.

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Comments (18)
  1. Jeff Bendum says:

    The title of the article says all one needs to know when it refers to the safety net of benefits as ‘pay’. Pay is what one gets when one works. Another classic example of the dumbing down of America via shoddy journalism.

  2. JIM says:

    The gravy train has come to the last stop. It’s time to lower your expectations and get a seasonal job at Walmart or selling Christmas trees.

    1. Jazz1152 says:

      You moron. People on unemployment paid for those benefits. Beware of the time you will have to eat your smug remarks.

    2. Jeff says:

      You’re an idiot. I’m 33 years old and have made over $2,000/week for the past 8 years. I’ve paid enough money to Uncle Sam and the state of CA to deserve unemployment benefits for as long as I need. How about we stop giving illegal aliens welfare and start taking care of the people who have paid their taxes for years. The gov’t bails out crooked banks, but refuses to bail out its suffering citizens.

  3. Linda says:

    don’t be too proud. go get a holiday job. sitting on your bum and collecting while others are out working

    1. jazz says:

      You people make me sick. Who said that they aren’t trying to get a holiday job. Those jobs are just as scarce.

      You obviously take your job or your spouse’s job for granted. Corporate downsizing comes like fog and then moves on. You pink slip just may be in the printer right now.

    2. jim says:

      it is not easy getting jobs even at mcdonalds people are being turned away so dont rip on the people on unemployment most of them much rather be working then getting the small check.

    3. hy says:

      I worked hard….. for more than ten years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on unemployment and have not found a damme job!!!!!!!!!!! I paid all my taxes!! and deserve all my benefits!! so dont call us bums!!! dont forget all those others that been on wellfare for years!! and never paid a dime in taxes!!!! Im looking high and low for a job its really hard!!!

    4. Jason S says:

      you are an idiot. I put in anywhere from 10-14 apps and resumes a day and nothing comes of it because I am ” over qualified”. Even wendy’s says no thanks.

  4. swhit says:

    I would normally agree with those that say get a lower paying job however, WALMART does not have any jobs!

  5. usjustice4all says:

    forget the hundreds of thousands loosing their homes who will end of jobless, don’t worry, obama has a good outlook, he increased section 8 housing and other housing help by 185 Milllion

  6. mactish says:

    You friggin’ idiots have no idea how the unemployment system works. When you work your employer pays a tax on your wages. The taxes goes into a general fund to pay unemployment benefits. It is a use it or lose it benefit. If you think that you will find a job and exhaust your savings the time limit for your benefits can run out. IT DOES NOT JUST SIT THERE WAITING FOR A PERSON TO CLAIM IT. PART OF THE CLAIM DROPS OFF EACH QUARTER.

    If you haven’t had a job within the last 12 months you have no benefits. People work for decades and have never collected unemployment and you criticize them for collecting unemployment????

    At the rate the economy is heading you will be in that line soon enough.

    1. JIM says:

      Look pal, unemployment was supposed to be for 26 weeks, now it’s up to 99 weeks and beyond. People like me didn’t sign on to pay into a system for people to stay on the dole indefinitely, that’s not what it was meant for and the “fund” was not set up to pay dividends endlessly. Do some basic math and figure it out. Unemployment insurance is NOT an unclaimed lottery ticket to use to justify ones laziness and, most likely, worthlessness.

      Yeah things are tough, yeah it sucks, but it’s trying times that make men. People who don’t prepare for hardship deserve what they get for relying on the government to support them-well, forcing those of us who did to pay for their tough luck.

      This is a job for charity, not for government to redistribute wealth. One who receives charity is grateful and is guided to get back on their feet as soon as possible, one who receives government assistance feels entitled and demands more while they sit their big butts in their recliners, watch their big screens, guzzle beer, eat bon bons and cry about their plight to Daddy Obama.

      Don’t tell me it’s not, overwhelmingly, like that because it is and I know many who are pretty much doing just that.

      And, let’s not forget the suicidal role of both legal and illegal immigration has had on this job market and our economy-not to mention culture, where are you on that one? Let me guess???

  7. EMW says:

    150,000 people applying for a couple of Walmart or a few Christmas tree selling jobs? Yeah thats spoken from someone who hasn’t had to look for work for the last two years…

  8. Chocolate Jones says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how the people with jobs (that someone got them) think that those without jobs dont want to work. I tell you what, i will trade you., you can have my 200 a week for the next 3 months and i will take your job and work harder than you…what is wrong with you people? You act like the money will be there forever for you!

  9. S.H. says:

    Easy for all those people to come on here and call people on unemployment bums or charity cases, the smart comments about Walmart jobs and selling trees are irritating tell me geniuses of America how exactly do you think to employ 150,000 people that are going to loose their unemployment benefits plus those who are still unemployed and no longer receiving benefits. Like someone above me said the way things are going you are next and you won’t be getting 99 weeks of hand outs I hope your pride and irrationality comes in handy then,

  10. zombie kid says:

    i like turtles

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