Men Brawl Amid Black Friday Crowds In Cerritos

CERRITOS (AP) — The Black Friday shopping orgy got a little nasty in Southern California.

Reports of a melee sent Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies to the Los Cerritos Center mall in Cerritos around 2:30 a.m.

Sgt. Ciro Racowschi tells City News Service that a half-dozen men got into a fight in the food court, running and knocking chairs to the ground.

He says deputies contained the area and did a walkthrough but couldn’t find the brawlers.

No injuries are reported.

Retailers Hope To Snag More Shoppers With Big Sales: KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports.

Crowds Clamor To Malls For Black Friday Deals: KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports.

The mall advertised a midnight opening and Racowschi says it was packed.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise reported that police in the city of Hemet were called to a Target store about 4 a.m. to break up an argument between customers in two lines.

Sgt. James Waters says one line had formed at 10 p.m. Thursday and stretched to a quarter-mile. A shouting match started when shoppers who arrived later formed their own separate line.

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  • Mini Mousekat

    Which is why I stay home on “Black Friday.”

    • joe

      Animals fighting over material items, that is what this country is being reduced to. People wonder why we are no longer a leader in the global economy, thug greed has eaten this country from the inside out.

      • WolfLove

        Joe: I agree whole-heartedly with you. And LOL: You seem to me to be the uneducated one here not seeing that as a race (human) we are not EVOLVING but DEVOLVING which means we are not growing but going backwards. This Black Friday event proves that.

  • LOL

    Joe you sound stupid and uneducated

  • notlovinLA

    joe, you sound right on! Of course, there’s a lot more that has brought this country down, but what you said is one of them! :)

  • willblogforlols

    Really CBS…you’re censoring my comments today?!

    …but the other people’s comments filled with hatred and racism are ok.

  • GREG

    all you guys that do black friday……”YOU ARE ALL LOSER,PATHETIC LOWLIFES”

  • oj simpsom

    someone should of brought a knife..that would of settled everything except for the guy with the gun

  • The Truth

    @ Joe

    You are absolutely right!

  • marjoejones

    Can”t wait to get up early to send more money to China.

  • Dave

    “Black” Friday…..I wONDER who color species was involved in these brawls….

  • "RJ"

    sad…Christmas is the season for giving…not taking…of course, the stores stage these sales without no or little security to go along with it…

  • Jip

    stores need to do a better job of maintaining line integrity, opportunist everywhere

  • Jim

    Let us hear the conclusion to the whole matter; fear God and keep his comandments for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good or whether it be evil.
    Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

  • Miyol

    Joe, couldn’t of said it better myself….

  • Mike

    Black Fridays are stupidity contests. Those who show up, win the contest.

    This Cerritos mishap just proves it.

  • LaMorenaRain

    Im with u Joe

  • david

    you said:

    “Black” Friday…..I wONDER who color species was involved in these brawls….

    what are you insinuating? that only us blacks do these things?

  • Vinny

    dave is just one of those tea party good ol boys from the backwoods.

  • Mike F.

    Forget Black Friday for a second. Just look at the ignorance of the posters here in relation to the English language, and you’ll see where the stupidity is.

  • Mike F.

    Sorry, I meant some of the posters, not all. You know who you aren’t.

  • Denny

    It’s sad how uncivilized our society has become. Joe, those jerks are lower than those animals you mentioned.

  • Kim Harris

    This makes now since at all. Everyone just continuing on as if nothing happened. That man was really hurt. I personally would’ve left the store. Did you notice the employee letting the customers in, then taking off running? No laughing matter. I talked about this video in my blog. Please check it out.

  • kim harris

    Sorry, I misspelled the word no in my previous comment. I failed to double check my spelling. My bad! :)

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