LONG BEACH (CBS) — A dangerous police chase came to an end early Wednesday morning at Garfield Avenue and and Quimby Street in Paramount.

Authorities began pursuing a robbery suspect in Long Beach just after 5:30 a.m. Several patrol cars followed him along the 710 and 91 freeways, as well as surface streets.

The suspect was arrested after the white van he was driving struck a fire hydrant.

At one point, he was traveling the wrong way on the 91 Freeway.

Garfield and Rosecrans were both closed to northbound traffic, according to Mike Case, who was overhead in Sky2.

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  1. Preferredelf says:

    Who ever that driver is?? Enjoy your free turkey meal inside the jail….you put peoples lives in danger and to think that you don’t even deserve a free meals…We have to thanks all the Police Officer involve in this operation.God Bless you All.

    1. joe says:

      Awe c’mon, it wasn’t his fault. He must have a had a rough childhood and he was not given enough support. We should feel sorry for him, release him back into society and well……give him some gift cards to Target or JC Penny for inconveniencing him during this hard time in his life.

  2. What are you thinking? says:

    Why didn’t you post the video of end of the car chase? It only goes up to when the van went the wrong way on the freeway…

    1. There are more clips above. Man what a chase…def would have been worth getting up at 530am to watch it live.

  3. Jossue says:

    I live in Paramount, i was leaving for work on a different route that i usually take, and i was making a turn right on that intersection (Garfield and Rosecrans) where they caught him and i got to see the police after him. I luckily missed when the Van went by! I am so lucky I wasn’t just moments earlier on that intersection.

  4. D'Ann says:


  5. Saber 1 says:

    Shoot all drivers of police chases, case closed. They put everyone in danger they come in contact with. Make some cash and put it on pay per view and donate the money to a childrens organization.

  6. Kim Smith says:

    Hey bro you wont get to see this but we love you! For the other comments this is a good man who just snapped. I’m very sorry for anyone who was put in danger because of this. This is totally out of character. We all love you and our prayers are with you!

    1. Strop Girl says:

      Are you a friend of Bill W.?

  7. crazy white girl says:

    dam I grew up on in quimby st ha ha still seems to be crazy as hell ….well I hope everyone is ok.

  8. Linda Duke says:

    hey, I,m in Texas and I heard this was Robert J. Is this true? We’ve been good friends with him.

  9. Tonia says:

    Hey all these people who have nothing but negative comments to say… are the ones who don’t know him. I believe we have all done something we wish we could do over or take back. and the bible says He without sin cast the first stone and no one through stones..and All fall short of the glory of God..We love you robbie no matter what….. And to those negative people Robbie lost his job, lost his wife and lost his freedom this is not justifing his actions but hoping to put a little understanding as to why this happened. But rest assured he will never lose his real friends….

    Love Tonia and Kenny friends of Bill W

  10. love sister, charlene says:

    i love him so much. this is so hard. wish he had never left texas.

  11. friend of Bill W says:

    let this be an example of how serious the disease is, insanity came quickly in this relapse thankfully he is still alive i will keep you in my prayers Bobbie but by the grace of God go I. friend of Bill W.

  12. sister says:

    pary for him. 3rd strike . i have to belive he is exactly where he is supposed to be.

  13. Virginia & Lyle says:

    Robert my dear brother, we love you and hope for the best. Keep your head up.

  14. Dee Dee says:

    Roberts got a lot of friends. I dont want to press charges but we need a van and drum set, so help us both out!

  15. Dee Dee says:

    Wanted to let all Robbies friends know WE DIDN’T PRESS CHARGES. I went to visit Robbie and he helped me get the stuff back! One of his besk friends “S.B.” helped me trackbdown the drums and “D” is bringing me the other stuff when she comes out here! So all is good! Robbie just relapsed and feels bad enough. ROBBIE IS A VERY BLESSED PERSON TO HAVE SUCH GOOD FRIENDS!
    Thanks to all

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