U.S. Marshal Who Shot, Killed Man After Drinking Investigated

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Federal authorities are investigating a deputy U.S. marshal who shot and killed a man in Los Angeles two years ago after a night of drinking.

The Los Angeles Times says the FBI and the Justice Department are trying to determine whether Matthew Itkowitz violated the civil rights of 26-year-old Ryan Gonzalez.

Itkowitz was off-duty when he shot Gonzalez three times in the back after a fight behind a tattoo parlor in March of 2008. The marshal told police that Gonzalez was beating him and threatened him with a gun.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said his account didn’t match footage from a surveillance camera that showed him firing after the fight. But prosecutors concluded they lacked the evidence to disprove his self-defense claim.

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  • thevoiceofReason

    As usual JUST because he’s some kind of ‘officer’ the police WILL NOT further investigate so a 26 yr old will get NO justice. All that’s needed is that footage. The VERY fact it doesn’t match with HIS account is reason enough to take him trial PERIOD. The DA’s office huh, that idiot Trutanich strikes again !!

    • joe

      Relax, were YOU there?

    • D417

      You know, I saw a dashcam video once that appeared to be a totally unjustified shooting. I thought, that cop’s in BIG trouble!! Then I saw the footage from another patrol car’s camera. The suspect pointed a gun at the officer’s partner and that was when the officer shot him. My point is that sometimes there is more to a story than a single video can provide. That officer was fortunate for the second video. It showed a completely justified shooting. Don’t be so quick to judge.

      • djdavisla

        are you a moron? justified shooting? he was drunk, the victim had no gun drawn, the victim had been walking away, till he was egged on my drunk officer, damn your an idiot

  • Bin Laden

    Eric Holder’s Justice Department has no credibility.

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