HINKLEY (AP) — Pacific Gas & Electric Co. has proposed buying up to 100 properties, including homes, in a California desert town where a spreading toxic plume is contaminating groundwater with cancer-causing chrominum 6.

The Mojave Desert farming community of Hinkley got national attention in the 2000 movie “Erin Brockovich,” which focused on PG&E’s $333 million settlement with more than 600 Hinkley over chromium contamination.

The San Francisco-based utility told residents of the farming community 13 miles west of Barstow that it is expanding its property purchase program because the 2 1/2-mile long, 1-mile wide plume is spreading.

PG&E spokesman Jeff Smith said Friday that letters were sent Wednesday to property owners. He says the utility wants to talk to them at this point.

The San Bernardino County Sun says PG&E may buy homes or land that sit over the plume, where chromium levels exceed 3.1 parts per billion.

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Comments (2)
  1. vaneesa carter says:

    they dont care about all the other people that live in the town i lived their and my mom and dad still do we live a mile away and they dont care

  2. Christine Rudalf says:

    What about the people that live in Grandview and Lenwood they are at risk too. I have I sister that lives right next to it and I drink her water and went swimming in her pool for years. What about us that visited them that live there and live nearby??? I live in Lenwood that is maybe 3-5 miles away?

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