BEVERLY HILLS (CBS) — Beverly Hills mayor Jimmy Delshad says the working theory right now is that publicist Ronni Chasen was targeted.

KNX 1070’s John Baird Reports From Beverly Hills

Chasen had left a Hollywood premiere after-party and appeared to be heading home when she was shot five times in the chest. Her car then hit a light pole.

Delshad said someone probably fired through Chasen’s passenger side window on Sunset Boulevard, based on broken glass that was found at the scene. The shots may have come from a higher angle, like from an SUV.

He says investigators don’t know of any enemies, but are checking Chasen’s computers to see if there were any threats made against her.

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Comments (16)
  1. Nikki says:

    Sounds to me like a hit, for sure. I really do not think that this was a “random act of violence.” She was targeted, followed and dispatched. Center mass is intended to kill and they were aiming for her chest and abdomen area, and to hit her 5 TIMES….well that speaks for itself. I would be looking a husband or jilted ex, or someone perhaps she owed money to. They should be digging into her finances, because most people these days get killed over money, drugs, or a woman, not necessarily in that order. I have a theory about the Jam Master Jay slaying too. But as for this woman, I think she was targeted and they watched her leave the party for Burlesque. Its a shame, because it seems she was well respected and liked among her peers. God rest her soul and I hope they find the person or persons that did this.

  2. Lou says:

    Let’s not forget that people are crazier these days, and this could have simply been a road rage incident. She could have had an exchange with someone on the road and that person could have simply killed her because this happens in Los Angeles.

  3. matteo says:

    It’s the same people targeting Randy Quaid and his wife.

  4. Really, CBS…you’ve censored my comment,”Gee, ya think?”

    But all the racist comments on here are okay?!

    1. big black male says:

      no mess…. CBS and most white people are ok when it comes to racist statements about blacks….
      But hello…. There are more crimes being committed by other races… Including my sex crimes by Whites and other races….
      So next time a black guy try to walk across the street… Don’t rush to lock your doors white person… (Beware of your white friends, they are most likely to rape and kill you. Then eat you like Jefferey Dehlmar..)

      1. emma says:

        Which is why I like looking at statistics, 80% of the jails filled with sex crimes, assault, & murder to name a few in this country are committed by “BLACKS” and although I agree that there is no race that is immune to crime, “BLACKS” seem to be at the top of that game…..So unfortunately I will continue to lock my doors when I see a black person, and continue to profile until I see actual numbers “change” Ive been waiting a long time,

  5. neverknow says:

    random……. probably not. remember no shell casings, no witnesses, no known motive……. obviously there is more to this an meets the eye and possibly more than the police will ever know.

    Do you think the assassin will be caught?

  6. AJ says:

    If it was not targeted towrds her spicifically, Maybe it was a gang initiation !!!!

    1. emma says:

      AJ, I think you’ve been watching just a little too much TV. This was a professional assassin hit. And as the story unfolds, in accordance to the evidence so far, we will see. Gang initiation would be more a cowardly move and would have left alot of sloppy evidence, and someone would have already snitched on someone., No people , this was a “hit”….

  7. EddieMarie says:

    In response to Emma… Yes, there is a high rate of blacks in prison. That is what happens when you push people into a corner and don’t allow them to get out of the violent neighborhoods created by us…(white people). They have been locked their and not allowed to establish themselves elsewhere. After awhile, they fight back and do exhibit animal behavior. Also, I would venture to guess, many of them are in prison for crimes they did not commit. Notice, if you will, every few years or so, you hear of a black being released after newer DNA techniques show he/she was not guilty.

    However Emma, I do believe you are ‘right on’ with your summation of the Ronni Chasen crime. It was a ‘hit’ and may never be solved. It was clean and quick and (in my mind) professionally done. Also, I believe involved money or drugs. JMO

  8. brian says:

    thru out history whites have killed, assaulted, raped and pilfered, more than any other race and continue to so, to this day. all areas of policy, justice and governance is infested with corruption at the highest level. who’s behind this insidious, skulduggery, you guessed it, WHITE PEOPLE. i.e. white men. If the justice system was fair then whites (white men) would be the majority in prison.

  9. Bridgette says:

    PRAY, folks! Time is winding up! We all know the story, BLACK or WHITE! We must LOVE one another! Where is her family? Whoever did it was wrong accrding to the BIBLE, and society.

  10. Tony Westport says:

    Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow do.

  11. Tony Westport says:

    Is the victim any kin of the “Chasen’s Restaurant” family?

  12. tola m says:

    While this is no doubt a terrible tragedy, I was completly shocked to hear this comment come from an interview with Ronni Chasen’s fellow publicist. Michael Levine on Saturday evening. “I can tell you that for Hollywood this is not merely a murder—this is a 9/11 moment”

    Really, you went there?

    Close to 3,000 people died that day and thousands of others suffer health related problems . I won’t even begin to discuss the families and the impact on all of us. I’m truly sorry for Ms. Chasens freinds and family but shame on you Mr. Levine and Shame on KNX for letting his remarks go on the air.

    1. Les says:

      Right on! How self important could Michael Levine think he and Hollywood are. This is not even close to a “9/11 moment”.
      Michael Levine needs to get his tragedy meter fixed.

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