RIALTO (AP) —The Rialto Police Department has concluded its investigation of an on-duty officer sex scandal and four officers disciplined in the case are back on patrol.

Two officers quit after a Spearmint Rhino strip club bartender alleged she was abused by Rialto officers after reporting she had sex with them while they were on duty. She filed a $500,000 civil rights lawsuit against the city last week.

Police Chief Mark Kling said Thursday that the four officers didn’t have sex on duty.

He says the department’s internal investigators has been completed, adding California law prevents him from disclosing the punishments of the four officers now back on patrol duty.

The San Bernardino County Sun says they were placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation.

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  1. ike says:

    An Internal Investigation! That is like asking the fioxes if they raided the hen house. There should be an External Investigation. Time after time again it has been established that cops cannot be trusted. They are hired by the cities. When they are accused there is an Internal Investigation, then perhaps a Grand Jury trial – all prior to a possible real trial. The Internal Investigators like the Grand Juries are City appointed. Therefore it is in the Cities’ interests to avoid a real trial. In most cases, the Internal Investigatikon shoves it under the table. If it does go to a Grand Jury, then they dismiss it. Irgo, No Trial. Bad cops prowl the streets again.

  2. rosanna says:

    wow what a cover up

  3. D_Va says:

    Wow…what a punishment – To be off work WITH PAY!!! Typical…this is disguisting! Our justice system is corrupt…sad.

  4. MICHAEL says:


  5. Ray Brower says:

    Innocent until proven guilty…that our system, they should receive pay. Now the investigation should be swift and it sounded like it was. If there was wrong-doing by all means discipline them but if not they should be allowed back to work. Internal Investigations are more intense than other type of investigations. Cops don’t have a right to remain silent they are ordered to talk by their superiors or face losing their jobs.

  6. "RAWDOGG" says:

    Pigs will be pigs…fire them for misconduct…they should be cained like in singapore as far as I’m concerned…that type abuse of power should be a crime.

  7. Mike says:

    RAWDOGG, that’s why morons like you are not in charge. But, let me say it how a ghetto rat like you will understand it…LOSERS WILL BE LOSERS!

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