UPLAND (CBS) — California Highway Patrol officials tell CBS 2 that at least two people were killed after a collision involving as many as nine vehicles on the Eastbound 210 Freeway Thursday night.

The fiery crash involved at least one big rig.

A Street Team member sent video to KCAL 9 showing a big rig and several other cars fully engulfed in flames.

It is not known if one of the fatalities involved the big rig driver.

CBS 2 was told the cause of the crash is under investigation.

At least two other motorists were reportedly injured.

Meanwhile, another deadly collision was reported earlier on the 710 Freeway in East Los Angeles.

In that accident, involving three cars, a woman was killed just south of the Pomona (60), according to CHP Officer Krystal Carter.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

One person was also trapped in the collision. It is unclear whether the deceased was the person who was trapped.

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Comments (21)
  1. John says:

    FYI , this happened in Upland CA
    Claremont is east of baseline

  2. Karl Hungus says:

    I live in Upland and I’ve been listening to the helicopters for hours now.
    This has to be bad.

  3. dh626 says:

    I have been stuck in the traffic for over an hour there, this is definitely a nightmare.

  4. Jim Kelly Durgin says:

    It appears that almost every day on almost every freeway multiple front end accidents occur. That is because California drivers consistently drive much too close to the vehicles in front of them. It seems to be normal, but it can does become deadly way too often.

    Driving sixty or seventy miles per hour, or considerable more, absolutely increases the need for more stopping distance!. Counting one seconds in reaching the spot of a preceding vehicle is not enough space.

    1. Kevin Smith says:

      People just drive too damn fast.. And many are ALWAYS in a Hurry.

  5. Rhonda says:

    I live on 20th and heard the BOOM and the ground shook when I was in the house..I thought it was an earthquake..then I heard something explode..and I ran outside to see this huge fire so I ran through the lemon grove and saw the whole thing..it was horrible..a big rig and 3 other cars on fire…and yes it was in Upland

  6. Chris says:

    thank Jerry Brown for 10 years of not freeway construction or upgrades…with those the traffic would be thinner and easier.

  7. Safety first says:

    Is the problem people are driving too fast? Yes but the biggest problem seems to be slow drivers in the fast lane causes impatient drivers behind them to speed dangerously through slower lanes to pass. Either make the freeways more like Germany where slower traffic must make way for faster drivers in the fast lane, or CHP needs to start ticketing reckless impatient drivers passing on the inside lanes. Just my five cents.

  8. Arcadian Duran says:

    people do drive to close to each other, driving 60-80 mph, and drive like it the indy 500. dont they know that a car wont stop for at least 100 – 200 ft when going that fast i dont care what kind of car.

    people dont like using common sense anymore its all about themselves.

  9. Somedude says:

    Slow down people! And stop following so close and making quick dangerous maneuvers. Use your turn signals and check your blind spots. I see so much dangerous driving every day. I wish I was a cop sometimes. Also turn your friggin lights on when it’s just getting dark and when it’s foggy and raining. And you people with your big SUVs are the worst at all that I mentioned and the most dangerous.

  10. larry 760 says:

    i live in hesperia and drive this fwy every night to work every body just drives to fast as for my self i drive 70 mph no faster and i stay away from all big rigs it is like a raceway on the 210 chp can not get every body but they get some they drive any were from 80 to 100 mph out there. and what happen to the slow lane !!!! they want to do 80 mph also on the slow lane it is bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. mysty says:

    Yesterday, while driving home from laughlin, i was going about 70 mph in the fast lane. No one was behind me. There was two big rigs in the slow lane, the front one a slow mover. The rig behind him, just PULLS out in front of me going about 50 mph. I had to slam on my breaks and go into the dirt. He could have waited for me to pass, no one was there after me. I can see how this may have been a big rig involved accident. But,no maatter who’s fault it was, my prayers go out to the innocent victims.

    1. liss says:

      thank you for your prayers. one of those innocent victims was my step brother, i never met him, but its still so painful, especially because i can tell that (his and) my dad is really heartbroken. one of my dads friends (my godfather) also passed away earlier last week, so please keep him and our family in your prayers,
      thank you

  12. dean says:

    70 miles per hour equals 80 feet of safe stopping distance

    1. Chris says:

      No, you need nearly 400 feet to come to a full stop from 70 mph (for a passenger car; big rigs need a lot more). That’s almost 4 seconds following time.

  13. nelson says:

    Big rigs need more space to stop. So even if a passenger car is in the fight, let that big rig have his space, because you can be in the right, and end up dead.

  14. GJ says:

    I am sad to hear the loss of the lives. It must have happened a few minutes after I passed , as I remember I existed at Mountain Ave around 5:50 PM last evening. There maybe something wrong with that particular section of the highway, it seems disproportional number of accidents occurred between Baseline and Mountain exits

  15. Chris says:

    Other sources placed the accident at San Antonio Ave., east of Mountain. The 210 in general and especially the stretch between Mountain and Haven is indeed noted for a disproportionate number of strange accidents.

  16. Richard Iverson says:

    I can only hope that those incinerated were driving gas guzzlers.

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