Will Arnett And Jay Leno Stop By Exclusive GM Party

LOS ANGELES (KROQ) — What do you get when you mix Will Arnett, Jay Leno, Smokey Robinson and twenty GM concept cars? You get a very interesting party. Last night I hitched a ride with Psycho Mike in his new Caddy and headed up to a secret facility in the Valley known to insiders as the GM Advanced Design Center.

We were offered the opportunity to attend the 10th Anniversary of this secret design facility. Now, when I say secret, I’m serious. I lived down the street from this place for a few years and had no clue it was there. Think if a miniature college campus surrounded by tall trees and high fences. Ten years ago GM set up this campus to a few dozen talented designers and charged them with coming up with ultra forward-thinking automotive designs. Let’s put it this way. When you go to the LA Auto Show and marvel at these crazy futuristic cars, this is the facility that cranks them out.

Mike interviews Jay Leno


img 8421 Will Arnett And Jay Leno Stop By Exclusive GM Party

Mike interviews Jay Leno. (credit: KROQ)


So, back to the story. Mike weaved his way through the Valley. I have him some half-ass directions so when he pulled up to the valet line, he was going the wrong direction. Naw, it’s Mike. Entering through the exit’s never stopped him before.

Within minutes, Mike was interviewing Jay Leno who pulled into the party driving a ear-bleedingly-loud-turbine-powered super-Cadillac.

A few moments later I threw Mike in front of Will Arnett, who is simply one of the coolest, funniest guys ever. (I’ll post the interviews later today.)

After blabbing with the celebs, we toured the campus. Since words really don’t do the vehicles, it’s best that I just show you what we saw.


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