MORENO VALLEY (AP) — Investigators have determined a Southern California woman found dead in her backyard was mauled by two neighborhood pit bull mixes.

Moreno Valley police want the dog owner charged.

The body of 53-year-old Christina Casey was found by a neighbor on Nov. 2 behind her Moreno Valley home, but authorities didn’t immediately determined the cause of death.

Sgt. Jaime Briones told the Riverside Press-Enterprise on Tuesday that investigators have now confirmed neighborhood pit bull-Weimaraner mixes mauled the woman. The sergeant says a forensic dentist determined the dogs were responsible.

Police will ask Riverside County prosecutors to file involuntary manslaughter charges against the dog owners, whose names haven’t been disclosed.

The dogs have been quarantined.

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Comments (13)
  1. bkeck says:

    Pitbulls????? why didn’t the headline read Weimaraner mix attack? the dogs were mutts. not pitbulls! I didn’t see a news story when I was attacked by someones labador

  2. lorrainesgr45 says:

    Quarantined are you serious? this dogs mauled a person to deft and they are treated as if nothing happen ……………. this dogs need to be utilized, I am sorry I love animals but animals like this are danger to very one as I been saying this animal should not be allowed in people home ……………. they should be used for police dogs or other guard dogs for places were terrorist are targeting zones.

  3. mister s says:

    Those must be beautiful dogs if that is their mix. Find a responsible rescue organization to take the dogs and make sure the owner gets some good prison time. Im sure the dogs will be euthanized though…… sadly.

  4. Leslie J. Rogers says:

    Dog owners should not be allow to have pit bulls at all. they dangerous to our society at it is. Those pit bulls could have killed a child,I feel bad for the person that got killed by them. When my oldest daughter was 8 years old she got attacked by a neighbors Siberian Husky an till this day we haven’t found that dog. I hope a pray they do charge the owners for there dogs behavior there’s no excuse for this.

    1. mister s says:

      I sense your a small yappy dog time person….. am I right. Outlawing pitbulls would be ridiculous. They can be very sweet, caring, and affectionate dogs. Unfortunatly, due to their physical attributes ALOT of people with ill intentions get these dogs, train them to be aggresive, or don’t train them at all…… and it ends up looking bad for the breed or any mix of the breed.

      1. Richard says:

        Not wholly true. My sister had a mix Dane/Pitbull that was a happy go lucky dog. That is until it turned on a dime.

  5. Mero says:

    May her Soul RIP. Yes on some type of charges against the dog owner.

  6. Martin says:

    The file photo appears to be that of a Rottweiler. Pit bulls do not have a black and tan color pattern, nor do Weimaraners.

    1. mister s says:

      Im sure its just some lazy editor putting a pic of any large dog he could find to attach to the article. I would of used a pic of a cute little pitbull puppy sleeping next to a kitten.

  7. Justin Kraft says:

    OMG! mass hysteria cause it was a Pit Bull… ive heard bad things about those dogs.. grow up people.. its the owners fault..

  8. marl says:

    its funny just to day i saw some chollo running with his dog and his kid in a baby stroller, how quaint…

  9. ChrisMcLaughlin says:

    That flippin kills me………”The dogs should be utilized because they mauled someone to deft?” OMG!!

  10. Joe Ozaki says:

    DId you know that Christina casey was an echo tech? She had over 20 years of looking at hearts. She saved many lives by not only knowing what a heathy heart looked like but she knew what unheathy ones looked like too. There iare not many whho have that kind of experince. She saved many lives with her experince. To let the Owner who had pit bull mixes get away with this with a slap on the wrist is simply criminal.. I wonder how many lives she could have saved if she was still with us? .

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