Man Allegedly Attacks Neighbor’s Dog Over Barking

MISSION VIEJO (CBS 2) — A man tired of a neighbor’s dog and its barking allegedly kicked down the neighbor’s door and then attacked the German shepherd with a steel rake. Deputies called to the home found the dog in the bathtub with puncture wounds, The O.C. Register reported.

Neighbors reportedly heard Michael Stuart Patterson, 51, yell, “Die, dog, die!” Jim Amormino, spokesman for the O.C. Sheriff’s Department, told the newspaper.

Bill Daly, the dog’s owner said he had adopted the dog and knew “Honey” was prone to barking but he had never received complaints about her. He said he’d never met Patterson before.

  • willblogforlols

    Barking dogs are a nuisance, but obviously you can’t go around beating them. However, there should be a law allowing people to beat dog owners who do nothing about it.

  • swhit

    Is the guy on Prozac?

  • Mary Greer

    My dogs had that problem I simply muzzeled them. They have muzzels that are breathable for the dog and the dog can drank water. You should not let your dogs bark and bark. They were not barking for a reason. Or, simply bring the dog in for a while.

  • Mrs.Gitdagutty

    Honey is the granddaughter of the famous Sadie, a well known German Shepard actress. Here’s her imdb profile….. . Hopefully Honey is alright, she’s the last surviving offspring of Sadie and the bloodline dies with her.

  • SnowDogOwner

    This story is just another example of our society gone wild and crazy. Did this neighbor ever try and walk over to talk with the owner andhis concern for the nuisance? Doesn’t seem so. I am a dog owner and I despise chronic barking myself but ………… dang! This man has pent up feelings that exploded like a grenade on that poor dog. I pray the dog will be fine and the disgusting HUMAN gets the book thrown at him. Get some Lexapro buddy!

  • Trisha

    That’s sad! I hope the dog is alright!!

  • Claudia Piche

    why do people hurt animals for no reason if this guy killed the dog then they should kill the guy too so he can see what it feels like. thats just mest up who kills dogs for no reason

  • Claudia Piche

    this guy has no heart for killing a puppy that cant defend its self he should go to hell. i have a puppy and whoever lays a finger on her is going to regret it because i will make that persons life a living hell!!!!!

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