CBS– Ranking the teams from the NFL, week 11 edition.

1. PATRIOTS (7-2):  Isn’t it fun listening to your Boston friends?

2. FALCONS (7-2): I would never miss a Rams-Falcons showdown.

3. EAGLES (6-3): Nobody asking Andy Reid who his starting QB is this week?

4. JETS (7-2): Still the toughest team in the league.

5. RAVENS (6-3): Would be #1 if they pulled it out in ATL?


6. PACKERS (6-3): Going for the Favre sweep.

7. STEELERS (6-3): How many teams are looking for revenge against the Raiders?

8. COLTS (6-3): Manning’s healthy, anything else matter?

9. SAINTS (6-3): Reggie Bush and Pete Carroll reunion week.

10. GIANTS (6-3):  Bringing back Derek Hagan for the Super Bowl push!

11. TITANS (5-4):  Will McNabb survive the Titans?

12. RAIDERS (5-4): Big win for Al Davis over “Lance” Kiffin, Steelers next?

13. CHARGERS (4-5): How are they so close to 1st?

14. BUCCANEERS (6-3):  Schedule strength isn’t a factor in the NFL.

15. CHIEFS (5-4): It’s looking like a beautiful November in KC!


16. DOLPHINS (5-4): Why do I think Thigpen is their best QB anyway?

17. BEARS (6-3):    I need another loss to knock them from the top 20.

18. BROWNS (3-6):  Why do I find myself glued to their games every Sunday?

19. TEXANS (4-5):  Season on the line against the Jets?

20. JAGUARS (5-4):  Props to Dirk Koetter for calling that Hailmary, genious!


21. SEAHAWKS (5-4):  Does Pete Carroll ever lose in the Phoenix area?

22. REDSKINS (4-5):  Still not sure why they didn’t onside kick every time.

23. RAMS (4-5):  Can they keep Roddy under 150 yards this week?

24. 49ERS (3-6):  Troy for MVP!

25. VIKINGS (3-6):  I get headaches covering these guys.


26. COWBOYS (2-7):  It’s their Deztiny to win out.

27. BENGALS (2-7):  These guys lose every week.

28. BILLS (1-8):  First win equals auto bump from bottom.

29. BRONCOS (3-6):  How dare the Broncos run it up in the 1st qtr!

30. CARDINALS (3-6):  Leinart would easily have the Cards in the top 29!


31. LIONS (2-7): Rather lose on a 2-pt conversion or blowout?

32. PANTHERS (1-8):  Andrew Luck or Jimmy Clausen?


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