Feds cite recording of officers dismissing complaints

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Police Chief Charlie Beck on Tuesday denied a suggestion by federal investigators that racial profiling is still a part of Los Angeles police culture.

In a letter to city and police officials, the Dept. of Justice cited a recording of two officers dismissing complaints about racial profiling.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck Chats With Dick Helton About His First Year As Top Cop

Whatever convinced the DOJ that the LAPD needed to step up its efforts occurred before guidelines were put in place last year to prevent racial profiling, Beck said.

“Constitutional policing is, and will be, the way the LAPD conducts business,” Beck said. “Doing police work the right way is the only way the LAPD will do it.”

Beck said that, while it is “difficult to evaluate” what goes on in an officer’s mind in such cases, education and training are proven ways to ensure that only race-neutral policing decisions are made in the field.

The LAPD remains under federal oversight on the issue.

In instances of racial profiling, officers are accused of targeting someone because of race, ethnicity, religious garb or some other form of outward appearance.

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Comments (9)
  1. M ike says:

    All cops are racists! I am white and have been harrassed by black cops. Civli rights have no meaning to cops. They are by natue sadistic and their training only enhances that .

  2. What ever says:

    See, and M ike proved white people can be uneducated too.

  3. bignut says:

    as was the cop in riverside.

  4. Trisha says:

    I would racial profile too if I were a cop. Can’t do your job with out racial profiling. Look at crime statistics.

    1. Rod says:

      That’s why major drug dealers wear a suit and tie and drive a Hyundai while “working.”

  5. mister s says:

    Im white but nearly every officer Ive dealt with has been of some other race, and all have been professional and courteous in my experience. I believe profiling helps depending on what the police are looking for. Statistics can show the cops that different types of crimes tend to be commited by certain nationalities.

  6. Seriously!? says:

    If you look like a criminal then you”ll get stopped. If you don’t like it then stop acting and looking like a crook! And don’t say “It’s just a style” cause that is a bunch of bull!

  7. john says:

    It’s amazing how everytime law enforcement is dong their jobs they get accused of racial profiling. A thug is a thug. Keep up the good work LAPD. There’s just millions more to go!

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