Leftover metal to be used for 'peace angel' sculpture

SAN PEDRO (CBS) — Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca and Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck were among those on hand at a recycling facility in the San Pedro area on Monday to watch the destruction of tons of weapons seized by law enforcement officials.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks Reports

The operation at SA Recycling, 901 New Dock St., on Terminal Island, will ultimately lead to chunks of the metal from the destroyed weapons being forged into a “peace angel” sculpture by artist Lin Evola, founder of The Art of Peace Charitable Trust.

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  1. Common Sense says:

    This is stupid. Weapons are not the problem. Criminals are. These firearms should have been sold to law-abiding citizens and the proceeds used to fund necessary programs runs by the city and county.

    1. peaceful gun owner says:

      I could not agree with you more. As a gun owner, I have never threatened or hurt anyone. It is simply those who would choose to inflict bodily injury anyway that use guns to harm

  2. Sage Advice says:

    A study in stupidity. While this state is upside-down in debt, it is destroying antique firearms, quite possibly historical in value, like the DWM Luger that can be seen on the center table, very first row toward the viewer, 2nd to right. Toward the middle, there is also a Mauser C-96 “Broomhandle”. These guns may have been seized, but jsut that, merely seized, caught in possession of people not allowed to have them. It is highly unlikely any were actually used in crimes, therefore the valuable items should have been auctioned off to collectors for the state to gain funds, just as they do with cars that have been seized. If for nothing else, they should have had an appraiser go in, review the lot, and ascertain historical values as well. Baca; you’re an idiot and a fascist.

  3. Discusted with this says:

    Were these firearms used in a crime or from the Tickets for guns turn in’s? If they were involved in a crime then by all means do with it what you will but if it was from a turn-in, It’s a shame that the law abiding citizens are handing over their 1st Amendment rights to be melted into a “Peace Angle” that will do nothing to stop crime and will most likely be tagged by some low life any way.
    Once all the law abiding citizens are disarmed only the criminal element and the Law will be armed, that leaves John Q. Public in the middle with a target on either side.
    And what about the firearms that were destroyed that may have serious collectors value?. OOPs we melted that 100 year old one-of-a-kind rifle into a puddle of steel.. never mind it may have been worth a few thousand to a serious collector.

  4. WM Jones says:

    Obama taking guns away again ?!?!?!?!!? LEAVE OUR GUNS ALONE!! Protect the 2nd Amendmint!

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