PALM DESERT (CBS) — A former Walmart employee is wanted on suspicion of robbing Walmart stores across Riverside County.

Raul Roy Trujillo, 25, is believed to be behind the four robberies and should be considered armed and dangers, Riverside County sheriff’s Sgt. David Florez said.

Trujillo is suspected in robberies at Walmart stores in Palm Desert and Beaumont. He also may be connected to thefts from stores in Corona and Chino, Florez said.

Trujillo has family throughout Riverside County, but may have fled the state. Investigators believe Trujillo knows he is wanted by law enforcement.

Anyone with information about his whereabouts can call the sheriff’s department at (760) 836-1600.

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Comments (12)
  1. patrice mcwhirty says:

    The two robbers look identical! Were they twins?

  2. Walter says:

    SO WHATS NEW? THIS HAPPENS FREQUENTLY WITHIN WALMART STORES. HEY, IN 30 DAYS HE CAN REAPPLY AND GET HIS job back, and start at a higher wage. he may even become a store manager. dont laugh, it has happen before.

  3. Agt. Smith says:

    You seem to know this a little TOO well, Walter. The FBI will be calling soon. Stay by the phone, please.

  4. PATTY says:


  5. PATTY says:


  6. rochelle says:

    that is my ex boyfriend…

  7. Danielle says:

    INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! He’s a good guy, there’s no way.

  8. kahneiac9 says:

    I’m actually not surprised Rollie is in this hot water… I hope he’s innocent, but I have my doubts… Just shocking to see someone I went to high school with being considered armed and dangerous.

  9. rochelle says:

    I hope so as well… I never thought Raulie would ever go this far…

  10. 2nd Mom says:

    There is no innocent until proven guilty anymore,at least not in Riverside County, and California. Face it we have NO rights anymore. I’ve known “Rolly” since he was a little kid and there is no way he did this. You people don’t konow him, he is a great guy and he has a good heart. It’s to bad the police are’nt looking for the real robber/robbers and they will probably get away with it and an innocent person will pay for the lack of ability on the part of the police department, of which the majority treat everyone like a criminal. Someone needs to check up on there activity see if they follow the LAW!!!! In my own experiance THEY DO NOT!!! So you guys wait until it happens to you, or your son or daughter and will see what comment you have then. And believe me it will happen sooner or later the most of you!!

  11. ummyea says:

    the whole “i’ve known him since he was a little kid” thing doesnt really stand up in court. I’ve known Raulie for years, and yea he was a good guy for the most part. But i know a lot of good guys who are locked up for stuff no one ever thought they would do. I have my own problems with law enforcement as anyone does, but c’mon, do you know how many cameras walmarts have? he definitely didnt get into the store with a mask on at 2am. so i’m sure they have him on camera, and i’m sure the manager who was tied up can ID whoever tied him up…. and further more, what about the guy who was in the group who admitted he was part of the botched black friday robbery and gave raulie up? stuff like this sucks, but this whole “law enforcement is out to get us” stuff is old. i hope its not true…. but if it is he deserves whatever he gets.

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