Abducted Boys Reunited With Moms In LA

Dads allegedly took preteens to Europe over two years ago

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Three boys who allegedly abducted by their fathers and taken to Europe more than two years ago have returned to Los Angeles with their mothers.

The FBI said Thursday that 12-year-old Greg Silah, 14-year-old Alexander Silah and 11-year-old Zaven Silah have arrived home after being reunited with their two mothers last weekend in the Netherlands.

Their fathers, brothers George and John Silah, are being held by Dutch authorities on U.S. charges of parental abduction.

In a statement, the mothers thanked the FBI and law enforcement agencies, saying all their prayers have been answered.

The men left the United States with their sons following a custodial visit in 2008.

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  • Rudi

    Nice to have a story with a happy ending now and then.

  • Moe

    Thats awesome. You know what I hate is that journalists are so afraid to tell the truth by saying “allegedly” to everything. Of course we know who took the kids! The fathers did! They didn’t allegedly do it, they did it! Why beat around the bush? Journalists are spineless morons.

  • Marilyn

    Moe — They have to say :allegedly” or it could compromise the court case. It’s a legality not whimpiness.

  • John

    My daughter went to school with two of these boys and they have been in our thoughts and prayers ever since the abduction. Frankly, I’m not a much of a believer in miracles, but thieir safe recovery and reunion is as close to one as I know.

  • Garo Hambartsumian

    Armenian boys belong with their fathers. Sikteh mayrigs! Kakoud zogs.

  • Lisa

    Oh wow, my family and I saw them today at the movie theatre in Northridge. They looked so very happy. So happy to hear they are home and safe.

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