LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Two retired Los Angeles police officers were charged on Wednesday with stealing electronics, tools and other items from a privately operated police impound yard where they worked as security guards.

Retired Officers Forrest Gene Ferone, 65, and Charles Ronnie Evans, 59, were arrested Tuesday along with a third security guard, 52-year-old Georgann Bruce. They were each charged with conspiracy to commit grand theft and released on $20,000 bond, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

They were scheduled to be arraigned Dec. 3.

According to prosecutors, the three rummaged through the interiors and trunks of vehicles that were parked at Archer’s Tow, which was holding the vehicles until they were sold at auction.

Under the tow yard’s contract with the city, nothing was supposed to be removed from the vehicles unless it was done for safekeeping and under specified procedures, prosecutors said.

The trio allegedly took items including electronics, sunglasses, tools and loose change from hundreds of vehicles.

All three could face up to three years in prison.

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Comments (7)
  1. Fed Up says:

    Another shining example of the integrity and heroism of “our boys in blue.” Once again I prove my point.

  2. David says:

    Yeah! Those retired LAPD officers (whose pensions must suck if they need to work as security guards after they retire) Can’t steel stuff from those impounded cars going to auction… the non-retired LAPD stole that stuff fair and square

  3. jim says:

    wheres all the proud americans when you need them?? oh yeah, it wasnt a black dude or mexican gang banger. maybe if we were all cops we could steal and kill people too…..

  4. Sylverster Tillingsgrad says:

    Pensions must SUCK? When they’re not rifling through some repo looking for spare change, Oakleys and Blaupunkts, they’re sitting on their fat keisters making $10-$20 an hour while that pension money just keeps coming in.

  5. Mero says:

    No Racist comments here hu,,,

  6. Rw Akile says:

    Impounding a person’s car, truck etc. is an out and out theft under the color of authority in the first place.. Travel on the public roads is a guarantee under the constitution. Any fee, liscense, fine etc. is a sanction that can impede one’s ability to “freely travel” is UNCONSTITUTIONAL on its face.

  7. Buster says:

    They should investigate Bruffys Del Rey Tow. Kevin Brough has been stealing out of cars since he was 15 years old. I watched him take stereos out of cars and hide them in a company owned trailer. He would sell them through the Recycler back in the 90’s. His father and uncle (both dead now) were involved as well. They would keep cars that were supposed to be lien sold hidden then buy them for a couple hundred bucks and sell them through the Recycler. Funny thing was watching them rummage through the cars the night before the auction getting every penny from the ashtrays. They would also take the back seats out to see if there was anychange that had fallen out of someones pocket. All the property that was left in the lien sale cars was taken out and sold at a garage sale that was held twice a year.

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