NEWPORT BEACH (CBS)  — Officials in Newport Beach announced Wednesday the arrest of two Northern California men who were busted with 21 pounds of marijuana found during a traffic stop.

Humboldt County residents Michael John Meinhardt, 52, of Bridgeville,and David Fontaine, 48, of Hydesville, were arrested after police pulled over a black Ford Explorer driven by the older suspect, Newport Beach police Sgt. Steve Burdette said.

The 2:20 a.m. traffic stop involved an alleged vehicle code violation.

Newport Beach police Officer David Stark, who pulled the SUV over, noticed a strong odor of marijuana and found a box containing 38 large plastic bags filled with a total of 20.7 pounds of marijuana.

The wholesale street value of the stash is about $60,000, Burdette said.

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Comments (14)
  1. kapu says:

    Sounds like something Cheech and Chong would do!

  2. JD says:

    One thing about Potheads — they’re the same people at 50 years old as they were at 15 years old.

    Except they look like dehydrated bags of rotten meat beaten against a sidewalk for about 30 years.

  3. GySgt Nguyen says:

    Sucks to be them… and you wonder why we rejected prop 19.

    1. Fitzgerald says:

      Don’t get to happy…Cannabis will be legal soon…

  4. jabo says:

    Good work Newport Beach Officers,if convicted let them pay Federal taxes on that!

  5. Troy Lambert says:

    Yeah good work! While the murderer gets away the guy caught with 20.7 pounds of pot will be sent away for 10+ years!!! yaaaaaay!!!
    And who pays for his 3 hots and cot while incarcerated for pot???
    You and I that’s who!
    Wake up people…

    1. john says:

      that rights wake up old people

  6. fitzgerald says:

    Yeah…But you should expect for CBS to attract the old, white tea farty conservative crowd…

    1. Rickie P says:

      Hey, Thanks. I’m a conservative Tea Partier that happens to support Marijuana.

      1. fitzgerald says:

        Well…I feel sheepish for the blanket statement..My apologies…

  7. Joe says:

    Dude, I thought prop 19 passed. Nah Man, were goin to jail. LOL!

  8. Big Al says:

    No Humboldt for you!
    suffer with that Mexican rag weed suckers

  9. Big Sis says:

    I know that these two men are not potheads. Michael suffers from MS, looses his eyesight, can’t walk often, is in terrible pain and is often mentally confused. He survived a near fatal car accident January 2010, the coroner actually thought he was dead, his home had been robbed while in the hospital as well as burned down. He has a heart of gold, always giving a roof to rest under for those in need. He teaches children how to play the guitar and drums when his body allows him to and just wants all children protected from harm. He lives a life of trusting all which is faith based. Hmmm, Jesus did as well and look at the trouble he got into. And now many praise him. God Bless All! We hope Michael gets released from jail soon so that we can take care of him.

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