SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California State University students are facing more tuition hikes next year.

The CSU Board of Trustees on Wednesday approved a plan to raise tuition for undergraduate, graduate and credential programs by 15.5 percent by next fall. A day earlier the board’s finance committee voted 6-1 for the measure.

Tuition will rise by 5 percent in the winter and spring terms and another 10 percent next fall, when California resident undergraduates will pay $4,884 annually.

Cal State students are protesting the increases in tuition, which rose more than 30 percent over the past year.

CSU trustees say they need to raise student fees again to offset deep cuts in state funding that have led to staff furloughs, fewer courses and enrollment reductions.

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Comments (7)
  1. john says:

    i think more and more kids are going to start going out of the country for college. this is just ridiculous

    1. jonlee says:

      Try finding a better quality education for under $5000 a year – it’s still a bargain. Kids going out of the country for a better deal??? Are you serious? Other countries probably wouldn’t even allow US citizens in their schools unless they paid through the nose.

  2. Chopperoo says:

    This basically represnts an annualized increase of approximately $800 at most bringing the total cost to a little more than $5600. Considering the quality education one recieves at most CSU campuses, I think this is a bargain. If you don’t think so, have you checked the number of foreign students currently attending CSUs? Our tertiary educational system still considered the best in the world and California public schools (UCs/CSUs) ranked among the best, period. We do need to focus on engineering disciplines in general, that is where we are falling behind globally.

    1. mister s says:

      We fall behind there due to a general lack in math proficiency. I would have loved to have gone into an engineering field, but advanced math (higher algebra, anything above calculus) is just very difficult for me to learn for whatever reason.

  3. jonlee says:

    You’re kidding right? Look who’s been in the White House the last TWO years. Looking for your oppressor? Look in the mirror! Try taking some responsibility for yourself instead of blaming everyone else.

  4. mister s says:

    Oh and for all able bodied potential college students crying about the increase. Go talk to your local military recruiter. They will give you a way to pay, and you can take pride in having earned it yourself.

  5. Bryan Norton says:

    Please help the students. the CSU Police and trustees violated the Brown Act in denying students entry into the finance committee meeting.

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