Nearly $400K Reward Offered To Find Cop Killer

RIVERSIDE (CBS) — The city of Riverside, Riverside City Council and Riverside County Board of Supervisors have all authorized $100,000 payouts  in the hopes of catching the man police say shot and killed Officer Ryan Bonaminio.

Additional awards being offered by the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, the Riverside Police Officers Association, the District Attorney’s office, US Marshals, FBI, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms bring the total to more than $390,000.

Riverside Mayor Ron Loveridge says the reward money is “a call for swift justice, and it is our statement of the value we place on the life and the work of Riverside police officers.”

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  • Melo

    Awesome! Somebody out there knows who this SOB loser is……. turn him in and get paid. It’s the right thing to do.

  • Jim Raasveld

    Great Put up community….Now lets catch this cop killer ASAP

  • cobra

    IF i knew who this slime was!!! id turn his butt in and tell the city or who ever to keep the money or give it to this officers family it would be my honor to get that slime off the streets

  • Fed Up

    Why don’t they offer this kind of cheese when a regular joe gets gunned down? Why is the cop’s life more valuable than the average citizen’s life? And, don’t start talking about them being heroes because they only choose to be cops to get out of attending college or to get back at a bully, so save your hero comments.

    • Mike

      Well you must be a criminal! Thats the problem with society, people like YOU have no respect for people that protect others and put their life on the line everyday when they go to work. This Offiver IS a true American Hero. He dedicated his life to protecting our country at home and abroad. Your theory is so far out there. Most go to college while serving and others are military veterans. You need to look at yourself and think what a TRUE HERO is. You must be a carrer criminal and think cops have nothing better to do than arrest people like YOU.

    • Out For Justice

      Ya, I’m sure you are fed up. Must be fed up with going to jail. The only people out there that think like you are criminals. It’s an absolute shame for any human life to be taken, but this young man went out there and served our country and a community of people he doesnt even know. It’s not about getting back at bullys you idiot. And, most do have college degrees unlike you. Crawl back into your hole.

  • wobbles

    I’m hoping this reward is DEAD or alive?


    Who are you FED UP? Are you a moron? This guy served our country and became a Police Officer !

  • Happy

    Just heard he was arrested at Target on Arlington. I hope he rots in hell!

  • Tammy Jacobs-Darby

    Fed Up ~ For your information most Police Officers have a college degree. My last husband, Detective Doug Jacobs, EOW 1 13 01, who also worked for RIverside Police Department was 2 weeks shy of his Masters Degree. He was shot and killed before he could receive his degree. Police Officers may not be your hero, until you need one.

  • Fed Up

    It so happens I worked in law enforcement for 5 years and that is why I’m fed up with their bull. They go out into the street and harrass people and act like tough guys and then go back to the station and get yelled at by their sargeants bringing some of the them to tears because many of them can’t even write a report. Cops are a bunch of sarcastic morons who go into law enforcement because they need a badge and gun to make them feel high and mighty. Its all a power thing. Tammy for your information, most cops do not have a college degree and that is why most can’t make it to Leiutenant.

  • rm

    fed up your a moron the vast majority of us police officers have a degree of some sort most in CJ so shut up if you were in law enforcement of any kind i would say you washed out cuz you had no guts to be a real officer

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