OAKLAND (AP) — The University of California is considering proposals to raise student tuition by eight percent, expand financial aid and reduce pension benefits for future employees.

UC President Mark Yudof offered the proposals in an open letter to California and discussed them on Monday.

He said tuition hike and pension changes are needed to help close a $1 billion budget shortfall.

The UC Board of Regents is scheduled to vote on the measures next week.

If approved, annual tuition for California residents would increase by $822 to $11,124. About one third of the money would be set aside for student aid.

Yudof wants to expand UC’s financial aid program so that students from families earning less than $80,000 would not have to pay any tuition.

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Comments (6)
  1. Jake Julian says:

    Go to California State University’s and annual tuition is only half of that!! UC’s are elitist basterds

    1. Frustrated says:

      Why should other students pay for financial aid when half the people can’t get financial aid. Quite frankly I don’t want to have to pay for everyone else to go…bad enough I pay for my own.

  2. Terry McCabe says:

    When are the Politicians and Academics going to get it. California is broke.

    Every time their is a proposal to increase fees or anything there is an offsetting inclusion of some social program, such as in this case 1/3 being set aside for student aid. It is clear that Yudof understands under his leadership that there is a $1 billion budget shortfall, but still wants to establish a threshold were students would not have to pay tuition.

    It is time Politicians start to understand that it is tax payers money they are spending, not the government or theirs.

  3. Typical CA says:

    No one minds paying full tuition, if they can, to help fund scholarships for low income American citizens. But If the UC system didn’t admit the 25,000 illegal immigrant students it has now, it might be able to cover expenses. How many of them are paying full, or ANY, tuition? Just another example of California taking money from hard working citizens and giving it away to illegals. And another reason why anyone with money is going to be moving out of this state, because there is no leadership that will tackle this problem.

    1. elvis says:

      Look idiot illegals don’t get financial aid and they pay full tuition!!! So you fat white ass get up and do something for your life!!!

  4. Whatever says:

    Elvis YOU’RE the idiot. Read something other than agenda emails, hmm? Illegals do receive discounted tuition in the state of California. Moron.


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