RIVERSIDE (AP) — Authorities searching for the killer of a police officer in Southern California are investigating whether a truck they found belonged to the suspect.

Riverside police say they found a cab from an 18-wheeler big rig but would not say whether it was found near the same park where the officer was shot Sunday night.

KNX 1070’s Chris Sedens Reports

Assistant police Chief Chris Vicino says there are many vehicles that meet the description of the cab, which did not have a trailer attached. He says police are still searching for the suspected gunman.

Police have been scouring Fairmount Park for clues after officer Ryan Bonaminio was found shot after he pulled over a truck believed to have been involved in a hit-and-run accident.

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Comments (22)
  1. Mero says:

    What a sad ending. God Bless his Soul.

  2. Find and kill the the guy five times over.

  3. Mike says:

    Very sad situation. Rest in peace.

  4. Cleanjeans says:

    If he only would have followed procedure and let backup set the parimeter..running into a dark park by yourself is not wise. Still doesn’t make what happened right…

    1. jeff says:

      shut the hell up. Just close your mouth because what’s coming out of it is pure garbage. What the hell do you know about police procedures? Are you a police officer?

  5. rick says:

    where does it say he did not follow procedures it clearly says his backup heard the shots which makes it clear they were on scene

  6. hate criminals says:

    Cleanjeans….you are an idiot!!! He was doing his job. And by the way, learn how to spell. It’s perimeter, not PARIMETER!!!

  7. pat says:

    There is not set procedure with regard to this. Any cop would have done the same thing because it’s their job and yes its dangerous..

    RIP brother !

  8. jim says:

    I am always amazed how critical bloggers become. The issue is that a fellow human protecting the public was killed, not how you spell something.

  9. jip says:

    Crazy people everyday. Prayers for his family. We need selective breeding.

  10. Cleanjeans says:

    Wow.. Name says it all hate. Thank you for correcting me. I was only saying that this guy put himself in harms way.. And that was his job. Too bad it ended over one bad decision. I’m sure he had chased after several criminals and terrorists and never thought twice about someone turning and shooting at him… Had he let Johnny meth head run into the park on his own and let the dogs chase him out… This would be a different story.

    1. Eye4anEye says:

      How idiotic of you Cleanjeans to have assumed how and what the officer have done in the past as far as chasing other criminals. It is so easy for others to come up with what should have been done after the fact. Let’s just say that the officer did let the guy run lose into the park, and instead called for back up and waited; the story now would be ‘an officer neglected to catch the bad guy in time and resulted in a hostage taking’ or worse. The officer sacrificed his life purposely or not, and this means that once the criminal is caught he will never again cause any harm to anyone.

  11. cez says:

    come on Cleanjeans, im sure if the officer would have known the outcome he would hv stop chasing the suspect… You and I were not there so lets not second the officer, he was only doing Gods work.. may he rest in peace…. Hope they find the killer and fry his ass…. But 2 bad we have so many damn liberals in this world!!!! i agree with u hate criminals….

  12. Beatenby5copsat16 says:

    Cop most likely racial profiled someone matching the hit and run vehicle and gave chased. He most likely was gonna rob the suspect when they got the jump on him. To bad for him. The way a man lives is the way a man dies. One less shady cop off the streets.

    1. Mike says:

      You have NO idea what your ‘re talking about. I knew Ryan and he was not dirty or corrupt or unsafe. If you hate cops soo much then don’t call them when your mac book gets stolen. Next time, keep your slanderous comments to yourself.

  13. hate criminals says:

    Hey beaten by 5 cops at 16!!! You are the biggest moron out there!!! Does your parole say you can use the computer??? And obviously the cops did’nt do there job right….you’re still here!!!!

  14. 58 says:

    Too bad you werent beaten by 10 cops idiot!! RIP brother, You are in a better place, thank you for your sacrifice Ryan,,,,,, may god comfort your family and friends during this difficult time.

  15. Ross says:

    Steve Cooley better win the AG election, or Khamala Harris will give this fecal mass a Pass and a Certificate of Merit. Remember, she did not pursue the death penalty for a Cop Killer in S.F.

  16. John says:

    Never ever judge a cops decision in which he paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our lives only to Monday night quarter back it the day after.

  17. Doyersfan says:

    Yo beatenby5copsat16, u got what u deserved to bad that didn’t kill ur stupid ass, maggot.

  18. Beatenby5copsat16 says:

    Yes I’m quite sure any of you idiots were to get beaten by 5 cops (while walking home for work) for violating curfew despite having a work permit would still believe cops are the good guys. There not. There worse than your common thug. Yet you mindless sheep still shed your crocodile tears for them. Like it’s a loss. It’s not. It’s actually a promotion for him. I have no doubt he’ll do just fine as part of Lucifer’s brigade.

  19. ChargersGuy says:

    I agree with Beatenby5copsat16 kinda. He probably would of killed some unarmed or innocent person at some point in his career, and get away with it. My friend was killed by a cop for stealing shoes, and the cop just got paid leave. Theres no justice for the people THEY kill.

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