OAKLAND (AP) — Oakland police say 56 of the more than 150 protesters arrested Friday night were from outside the city.

Protesters descended on a usually quiet residential neighborhood, demonstrating against the minimum two-year sentence imposed on a white transit officer for the slaying of an unarmed black man on an Oakland train platform.

Police arrested 152 protesters, including seven juveniles, on suspicion of crimes including vandalism, unlawful assembly and disturbing the peace.

Oakland police spokesman Jeff Thomason said investigators will be reviewing video and photographs of protesters damaging property to help prosecutors file charges.

The arrests began around 8 p.m. on Friday after officers were pelted with rocks and bottles.

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Comments (6)
  1. MRC says:

    In case some of you think the dead guy was a law abiding citizen take a look at
    his record. He was a trouble maker.
    Oscar Grant had a criminal record, according to the California Department of corrections and Rehabilitation, he served several months in state prison in 2007 and 2008. The Department of Corrections didn’t disclose the offenses for which Grant was sentenced. Grant had 12 separate cases between April 12, 2004, and May 8, 2008. But the records for all of those cases are at the Hayward Hall of Justice and weren’t immediately available.ord below.

  2. chris says:

    they don’t care. It’s all about them. He got what he deserved. You act stupid….dont follow clear directions from an officer…bad things will happen to you…its as plain as that.

  3. idots says:

    once again, they cant face the fact that the legal process works. so they fools go out and protest with violence. The next that gets beat or killed brings it upon themselves. They want to start it, then the police should finish it.

  4. eskweeble says:

    Its an unfortunate tragedy. But this wouldn’t have happen if Mr. Grant would of follow orders. Like MRC said, he had a history of crime. Well, it didn’t surprise me at all. For the Officer, he’ll be out in six months. Count on it.

  5. Black Protesters says:

    They ought to pin a medal on this guy. The suspect was a dirty piece of garbage and got what he deserved! If the Police ask you to stand up and get cuffed, stand up and get cuffed. Don’t even think about fighting. There are to many of them to fight with! The officer made a mistake and a black man is dead because he fought the officers and they feared for their safety period.

  6. johnny says:

    When we need help who do we call first?”THE POLICE!These guys are faced with the task of making split second decisions in the face of danger!They are the calm in the eye of the srorm.if a Police Officer tells you to do something you do it!Maybe if Oscar Grant would have followed orders he would still be alive.

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