MONTEREY PARK (AP) — Detectives say jewelry and electronics found in a suspect’s home linked him to the deaths of four people during home invasion robberies in Los Angeles County.

Sheriff’s detectives said Friday that 53-year-old John Wesley Ewell pawned objects that he stole from his victims and left a trail of ATM transactions in his own neighborhood.

Officials say Ewell posed as a utility repairman to gain entry to the victims’ homes. They are asking pawnbrokers and neighbors if they saw Ewell selling valuables he allegedly stole.

Ewell was charged Wednesday with four counts each of murder and robbery in three robberies in Hawthorne and Los Angeles.

Officials say Ewell is a career criminal who had committed robberies, but they don’t know why he suddenly turned violent.

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  1. Mo says:

    This monster should be stoned to death by the families of the victims. Enough is enough! He’ll probably get off for some insanity reason. Just not fair to the world. Don’t open your door to anyone in a uniform that can be bought anywhere, repairman, police, etc., unless you called for them. Its common sense. Maybe the gentleman who was murdered in the garage didn’t have a chance, but when someone knocks on your door, make sure you know who that is before allowing them entry.

  2. Mo says:

    I for got to mention that I don’t own a gun, but I am thinking about it. I live in the Hollywood Hills foothills and am not far from Hollywood Blvd., the sleaziest place in the world as far as I’m concerned – and I live here. There are thousands of homeless and druggies desperate for money, and they walk up to my neighborhood looking for cars, garages, houses to break in to. The latest trend is to act as magazine salesman. They check to see if anyone is home and try the door. If its open, they’ll walk in. It happened to my neighbor. Be careful. The world is full of dangerous and evil people.

    1. Tom says:

      Mo, if you think where you live is the sleaziest place in the world, why don’t you consider moving to a place that’s not? Nothing is more important than safety for yourself and your loved ones.

  3. Ray says:


  4. wobbles says:

    the very same gangsters that washed the streets in blood in the crack wars of the 80’s are nearing their golden years, and still killing.This guy is a fine example of this.

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