FOUNTAIN VALLEY (CBS) — Police tell CBS 2 that a man opened fire on his wife and child Friday afternoon before turning the gun on himself in a double-homicide/suicide shocking Fountain Valley.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa Reports

Initial reports said there was one dead outside a home in Fountain Valley but after police investigated they also found a child inside the home murdered and a man apparently dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

They believe the man shot and killed the child, then his wife who was returning or fleeing from the home and then himself inside the residence. The shootings occured around 6 p.m.

The man’s name and the names of his wife and child, reportedly an 8-year-old girl, was being held until next of kin could be notified.

Neighbors told reporters that the couple was having marital troubles and said they were either divorcing or starting a divorce action.

The home is located on Dandelion Circle, described as adjacent to Miles Square Regional Park.

Police sources told CBS 2 Friday evening that the man apparently shot his daughter in front of two male relatives and the woman’s parents. The four were able to flee before the gunman shot himself, say police.

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  1. jip says:

    Woman just believe they can take advantage of the California laws to mow over the man, this is what happens. It sucks, yes, but then, so do the laws in California.

    1. JumpinJackFlash says:


  2. Chris says:

    So are you saying money is more than the life of his own child?? If you are right in the head… women should make a real man do something like this. HE SHOT HIS OWN CHILD Jip!

  3. ReginaM says:

    @jip,the word is ‘women’ @Chris,the word is ‘woman’

  4. Ryan Seacrest says:

    He was a hero to all men who are oppressed by lawyers and women who love lawyers. A traged, yes. But that is what a man must do when he has nothing left to lose.

    Anyone who cannot see that is a brainwashed feminist (including guys) who have done nothing but confused women and have destroyed families. Yes, divorce distroys families, don’t even pretend it is calm and normal.

    1. Carol says:

      Before you go off on a rant, you should first go back to school and get your degree. “traged” and “distroys”, really???

      And second, some woman must have hurt you bad to have so much hate in your heart. And it’s the kind of hate that turns into stories like this. You should seek help for your anger.

    2. AJ says:

      A hero would walk away, start a new life
      after divorce
      It’s weak pathetic sick that he has taken two lives

    3. murder is not the answer says:

      How sad that you would think of a murderer as a hero! Yup, you have been burned, thats obvious. Now we can see why you were divorced! You were probably an abusive husband and/or father! You need help buddy! Hope you dont get into a serious relationship until you do. A real man would want the best for his family, and work thru the hard times. California laws do suck, I agree, hope they change soon.

  5. dl8107 says:

    Some of these comments seem so inhumane, but I was at the basketball court when I heard the gunshots and to know that all those shot where taken a life regardless of who it was it very sobering. It was about 15 shots… Never would have guess

  6. veek says:

    I pray the power of the Holy Spirit for all those involved…to surround that home..and the souls that left this life..I pray for the people left behind to investigate, clean, and deal with the aftermath. I pray for all those reading this that you have peace and that your heart receive hope, faith, and love…and comfort…Take a deep breath..and think of those close to you who are having a hard time right now…open your heart to them and pray for them….on all levels of their being through all time and space and beyond..past present and future…that is how you should pray…pass it on..

  7. lorrainesgr45 says:

    if the law was fare to both side and listen when it comes that they both have children on visitation wright and divide things equal maybe things like this would not happen and if the women or men stop threaten each other in a divorced case. who knows what goes on everyones mind when threaten by each party they either do the wright thing or they snap. communication is what is need it and when arguments and threaten happen is best not to see each other and deal through divorce counselor to find a agreement to each one so both parties be pleased , my prayers and deepest condolences to both families, very sad that he did this and i am sure his mind was not there if he was a gentle and good man, their families as well as friends know that no one in their wright mind will do this and they too are in chock of disbelief, divorce is a bad breakup that brings some times tragic outcomes when both parties are not in mutual agreement.

  8. lorrainesgr45 says:

    pray for the ones that are left behind that god give them strength to keep going ………… pray for the one that are no longer here that god keep their souls and for forgiveness …………. may god give you peace and comfort in your heart so their is no hatred toward no one and gives you compassion ……… no one is perfect or with out a sin in this world …………… no one should judge no one knows what lead to this tragedy or outcome …….. just keep them in your prayers.

  9. Ed Guthrie says:

    it is the children who are the victims of the selfishness of adults, I wish that the potential perpetrators of murder suicides would start with themselves first rather than kill their children. try to work things out people, and if you cannot do so then try to remember that you loved each other at one time and your children are prof of that, so do not try to destroy each other just because it did not work out between you. suicide is a permanent response to a temporary problem. your children do NOT belong to you, you both belong to them.

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