LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles police say two reputed gang members have been arrested for the Halloween killing of a 5-year-old who was shot in the head as he showed off his Spider-Man costume in his backyard.

Eighteen-year-old Marcus Denson was arrested Thursday on suspicion of murder and 21-year-old Leonard Hall Jr. was arrested before dawn Friday. Both remain jailed.

Capt. Dennis Kato says it’s believed Hall pulled a handgun and fired through a chain-link fence into the yard where Aaron Shannon Jr. was posing for photos in his costume. His uncle and grandfather were wounded.

Police have said the men may have wrongly believed gang rivals lived at the home.

Kato says a reward offer produced witness tips and a videotape of two men running from the scene also helped pinpoint the suspects.

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  1. TCB1 says:

    My prayers are with the family of little Aaron. It’s a damn shame that these cowards feel it’s perfectly ok to just ride up and down the street and shoot into a home because they thought rival gang members lived there. Another senseless killing in the community…..people…this has to stop. My heart breaks for the family and friends of this boy’s parents.

  2. TW Wilder says:

    I want to know why the police and city authorities are allowing these agngs to continue??? I guess the payoffs and free drugs are just to much to turn down. At least the Bell politicians only wanted money.

  3. Reggie M. says:

    I am thrilled to death that an arrest has been made in this horrific crime. The low-life that took this innocent child’s life deserves no less than the death penalty. The sad part is that they will sit on Death Row for 15 to 20 years before there will be any kind of justice. In the mean time the family and friends of this child will suffer the loss of this angel many times over. They will have to ponder for many years who or what kind of greatness awaited this baby in the future. I wonder how the families of the people who perpetrated this horrendous act feel. Did they know they raised rabid dogs capable of killing other people’s children? I am a Veteran, and I can share that the taking of a human life takes more than a notion. Without some sort of purpose, it requires a pure disregard for another person’s life. In other words it takes a psychopath and sociopath. This is the mentality of the common gang banger. Purely animalistic and anti-social. For the life of me I cannot understand how and why these people or not hunted down and treated the same way the government hunts down terrorist. Are these gang members any different than terrorist? They terrorize the very neighborhoods they grew up in and the neighbors that watched them grow up. They kill and mane each other, which by the way is ok, even though they should do it in a controlled arena like true gladiators and not affect the innocent, which they consider collateral damage. Mark my words, someday the people will rise up and demand that the officials we pay to serve and protect our community do JUST THAT. The current method is like putting a Band-Aid on a gushing wound. It simply doesn’t work. I think the gang task force was a good idea, but it’s like the Dutch boy with his finger stuck in the leak in a dam. With proper oversight the Task Forces powers should be expanded to meet the problem we ask them to handle. If nothing is done, and I mean something of substance soon, vigilantism will be the only way the people can protect their property and the lives of their children.

  4. LOGELLY says:

    Don’s even blame it on the police and city officials, they try to do what they need to do but can not if no one from the communuity will step up and defend them selfs from the gangs. the gangs have so much power over citizens and make them fear for their own lifes. people we need to step up as citizens and get rid of these cowardly gangs.



    1. Carol says:

      Sounds like your cheering. I can even imagine you with pom-poms. And by the way, “GOD” had nothing to do with the capture of these two “possible” child killers. It was to work of the police and citizens who came forward.

      I ” ” possible because you are innocent until proven guilty. But in this case, the police might have the right suspects. I hope they get what’s coming to them. I believe in karma 100%.

  6. sister says:

    I am the inlaw to the eighteen yr.old you called an dog.we the family feels this was an horrific act and that if marcus is proven guilty than he shall reap what he sow.the family of this child our hearts and prayers goes out to them but just as they have lost we have too.i believe in the justice system and in god and ill leave all of the outcome up to both.

  7. ReggieM says:

    Sister, please accept my most heartfelt apology for my previous outburst. I know what it’s like to have a relative to be accused of and convicted of a horrible crime against humanity. I know in my heart of hearts that this young man’s actions have no bearing on the character of his family. My relative wasn’t raised that way either. You must understand that the outrage being expressed by me and others in the community is primarily out of frustration and disgust. I pray that cooler heads will prevail. After I read your response, I was ashamed of myself for such a spontaneous condemnation of a family I know nothing about. For this I am truly sorry. I hope others in our community will rethink their position on this most unfortunate situation. I like you only want to see justice served. Your relative, like my relative will reap what has been sown. Remember though, they both still have to answer to God Almighty.

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