Temecula Dentist Accused Of Unlawful Sex With Teen

RIVERSIDE (CBS) — A Temecula dentist was arrested on suspicion of having sex with a 15-year-old girl, authorities said Thursday.

David Martinus Reiakvam, 42, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of
unlawful sex with a minor and lewd acts on a child, according to Riverside
Reiakvam was also a gymnastics coach.
The doctor, who operates Reiakvam Family & Cosmetic Dentistry at 28910
Rancho California Road in Temecula, posted a $50,000 bond and was released from the Robert Presley jail in Riverside within an hour of his arrest.Calls to the doctor’s office were not immediately returned.

Detective Wayne Ramaekers said the suspect coached gymnastics at a
privately owned facility in Riverside and “had an alleged sexual relationship
with an … athlete while residing in Riverside.”

The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office is investigating the case.

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  • Molly Rye

    As a former athlete of David’s, i can honestly say that David is a phenomenal coach. He is the most caring and respectful person in the world and he would never even think of doing anything inappropriate with any athlete. He has clearly shown his awareness of physical boundaries in the gymnastics world and has always made sure to not cross them. David has DEFINITELY been falsely accused and there is far more to this story. Anyone that knows David will fully support him as do I.

  • waiting for the truth

    police do investigations prior to making an arrest. there must have been enough evidence to justify the arrest and investigation. sex offenders have a way of making almost everything seem innocent. the courts will decide

    • mister s

      The police will arrest someone in a case like this based off the victims word or their parents with no other evidence. Im not saying he’s innocent, I don’t know, but with accusations this serious, police and DA’s office sometimes jump the gun.

    • IDIOT

      SHUTTT UP!! you dont knoww anythingg, andd he is innocent, so stop the b.s!!

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  • Eyes wide open

    I previously worked for the district attorney of Riverside, they will not file a case without evidence, you know like the kind you would find these days, all the technology hint hint hint, he is a sick man & if anyone had watched his interaction with any of the athletes you would have also gotten the creeps, it was not so much what he did with them it was how he looked and the tone of the conversation, completely inappropriate, that is what helped me to decide to not ever go to that gym. By the way has anyone asked Empire why David was banned from there for 5 years? And shame on those people responsible for letting him back in.

    • STUPID!

      Shame on you for every saying anything like this! you dont know him. Stop making assumptions!! If you ever got to know him guarantee you would trust your kids around him, and you would be by his side worshiping him! He is a fantastic coach and cares about his athletes!

  • c

    the police wouldn’t arrest him for no reason.
    Even if he was a ‘fantastic’ coach, doesn’t mean he can’t be a pedofile on the side..

  • Sam

    there is an Orange County Gymnastics coach in jail for similar charges

  • z

    Hmmm…i wonder what gym this “eyes wide open” character belongs to….
    Could this possibly be a plot to get David out of the picture so this other mysterious gym can somehow rise to power?
    Its no surprise that great athletes will eventually migrate to the better coach…one that treats the athletes with respect and positive reinforcement instead of making them feel inadequate and constantly tearing them down.

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