LOS ANGELES (AP) — A ban on raves at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum has ended, four months after the death of a 15-year-old girl who overdosed on ecstasy.

Developer Rick Caruso Talks To KNX 1070

The Coliseum Commission on Wednesday overturned a moratorium on the events at the venue.

Coliseum General Manager Pat Lynch told the Los Angeles Times that the joint city, state and county commission was satisfied after receiving reports on increased doctors and nurses, strict enforcement of an 18-year-old age limit and a 2 a.m. curfew on raves held at the stadium there in August and October. Both were scheduled before the moratorium began June 30.

“Our commissioners said we’ve established some fantastic parameters, so if these preventative measures work and other events have gone off well, then we can lift the moratorium,” Lynch said.

Commission member and rave opponent Rick Caruso — who had to miss the meeting because of a family commitment — said he was “shocked that action was taken” and said it was his understanding that no move would be made on the moratorium.

“I strongly disagree with the action of the commission,” Caruso said. “I think it’s underhanded. It’s not a legal issue; it’s morally wrong.”

LAPD Deputy Chief Pat Gannon, who expressed concerns about police resources at the events in the summer, said he was also surprised the ban was lifted.

“I’m still concerned when it comes to the electronic music festivals, about the level of narcotics usage,” he told the Times.

“The Coliseum, promoters, the police department, fire department, county health and others need to continue to work very hard to reduce the use of drugs such as Ecstasy.”

Sasha Rodriguez, 15, overdosed on ecstasy and collapsed at a huge rave known as the Electric Daisy Carnival, which brought 185,000 people to the Coliseum over two days and saw more than 100 people hospitalized. Rodriguez was taken to a hospital in a coma and died a few days later.

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Comments (12)
  1. D.Nevarez says:

    This is a very sad commentary on how profit overshadows young lives!
    The coliseum commission had a meeting in the summer and went through the motions in appeasing the public at the time of Sasha’s death put it was a show!

    Now the show is over and they conceded to the demands of greed! I Guess Gordon Geeko was right Greed is good and thriving in Los Angeles.

    Hey commission did you know a USC student fell from a balcony and is in critical condition from partying on ecstasy weed and alcohol at a rave at the Shrine Auditorium this past weekend?
    Hey here’s an idea why not rent the coliseum out for prostitution parties and they can have sex on the field and you can sell VIP Areas on the goal line and guys can yell I just scored!!! Or you can use the field to grow Marijuana and sell it???

    In the shadow of the not so great Arena! BIG SHADOW !!!!

  2. Josh says:

    How about you blame the parents, obviously they did not raise her well enough to know her limit. My assumption is she had been taking ecstasy for a while because of the fact every only take 1 pill there first time. And one pill is nearly impossible to overdose on.

    1. kim says:

      thax you thax you again thats right stupid parents the should know her more dummb ugh goshhh

  3. s.marshall says:

    how about they keep the RAVES GOING ! (: woooohoooo partyyy partyyy partyyy

  4. D.Nevarez says:

    Sounds like you have taken ECSTASY many time before and this nothing to be proud of? I wonder when will your number be called your not superman just a kid!

    As far as blaming parents why not blame big venues that allow that activity to make money why not the Government for tier lack of education? Parents cannot be everywhere and all parents are not equal but for Rave Promoters and the Coliseum to EXPLOIT youth that is WAY WRONG? Why did the Coliseum commission lie to one of its members so he would not be there for the vote on lifting the ban????? This smells like somebody got paid!

    Serious why not blame parents for everything when does the youth take responsibility for their actions? I know when they are in jail or in ICU or dead in the morgue or working at k-mart when they are 35 that is when!!!

  5. Matt DE says:

    I’ve personally attended these events for the music element, full time for the past 14 years. Many of my experiences in this culture by interacting with the attendees, has shown that a majority of the reciprocate crowd is there for the same reasons as I am.
    The average attendee is either a full time supporter of the culture and music, or a random introductory patron, one may feel a need to induce an alternative source of entertainment. Those patrons are not there for the music or the culture, but for themselves as an escape from reality. It is those people who would do so in any environment, and is only a risk to themselves, until placed in a densely populated area of unknown faces. This is when anxiety and poor health situations are caused, but through education and proper marketing on the music genres involved in these raves is ensued, the outcome will bloom like a rose on a stem. It’s all based on the amount of energy and responsibility becomes instilled at these events.
    I was reminded of my reason for attendance, when arriving at the Hoover Street parking entrance for the October 23rd event, Monster Massive. I was greeted upon entry by a large illuminated Cal-Trans sign, noting “DON’T DO DRUGS” and “DUI CHECK POINTS AT EXIT.” This truly gave me hope for proper education, and the elimination of the drug element at any event, especially one where a patron may choose to drive intoxicated on alcohol (or worse).

    So I give Kudos to the City, State and Promoter entities for putting effort in cleaning up this youthful and college aged generation. I can only pray the the words from the wise will reach the audience on the rise. May music flourish in to a positive possition forward and productive.

    “Please play safe and know what you’re pursuing. Need not to waste with a life of abusing!”

    1. D.Nevarez says:

      That is the best most responsible comment I have heard from a raver I am impressed!!!!! And I don’t give credit to many people these days!

  6. michelle says:

    exactly Matt DE! well said. D.Nevarez, sure ppl are making money, but ppl are making loads of money elsewhere too, raves at the LA coliseum should not be pinpointed just b/c one stupid young girl died b/c she was careless. Does that mean raves should be BANNED b/c you think NO ONE can control themselves while having fun? Does that mean the promoters are TERRIBLE for wanting to make money while giving young people the opportunity to thrive on the amazing talent of world class DJs all coming together? it’s not the VENUE or PROMOTERS that should be punished, and honestly if you banned raves, those 180,000 ppl would be the ones hurt. these parties are not just a place to do E. they are a place to excite ones soul, experience the magic of electronic music, the vibe, the culture, make new friends, get to know your own self and figure out HOW to have fun in a safe way. we need to educate ppl on safety! I think the new rules are fabulous, and will help a lot. I think the main point I’m trying to make is that making money isn’t necessarily a bad thing and lives are lost in SO many other ways that should be avoided more than raves. Responsibility is learned, and you have to give people the chance to discover it for themselves.

  7. D.Nevarez says:

    I agree with your points and as far as education this was only brought about because people like myself showed to a meeting and asked for changes at these events and they had no other choice make changes or leave the venue.

    So you can than k responsible adults for that! Pasquale and Insominiac events had been doing this for years and believe all they cared about is money and don’t be lead to believe they did not know ecstasy was involved and alcohol.
    But they did not care only when it affected their fat bank accounts did it matter.
    Maybe as adults pasquale should have cared about that along time ago but he does not look like a man that gives a **** he hides behind attorneys now!

    As far as the stupid girl comment loosing her life I think you should re think your label before you make karma come back at you in your life! Again you would never ever make that comment in front of her family! Email is easy to hide behind…….

  8. Jon S. says:

    Why the hell are these people so concerned with LA making money?? LA’s sooo deep in debt and needs help. These rave parties aren’t hurting anyone. It’s not like people go to them just to do ecstasy because they cannot and will not do it anywhere else. It’s a very friendly environment, unlike many metal shows where people are drunk or on harder drugs and get angry at people. This music isn’t angry. It’s pure. People don’t get it when they look at it from outside the arena. Standing in the middle of that crowd with the most perfect sound being pumped through your ears is an unbelievable feeling I wish some people could experience. But people are too shallow and close minded.

    All I’m trying to say is LA made a good decision with this one. The people that are drug crazy and can’t control themselves will probably stay away from these events now anyway because they know how tight security is going to be. So long live Electronic Dance Music.

    It’s our generation.

  9. TNT says:

    D.Nevarez: Given your last statement “Pasquale” from insomniac events is being targeted… so why not have them take their promotional crew elsewhere, considering you’ve never had these problems with other promoters, that actually do care about the patrons and make an effort to keep the kids safe.

  10. Lightz says:

    PLUR. :). That’s all I have to say.

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