COVINA (AP) — The city of Covina has revoked the business license of a bar that served drinks to the man who killed Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart in a drunken-driving crash.

The Well Bar will shut down on Dec. 2 after the Covina City Council voted this week to revoke its license.

Andrew Gallo was convicted of three counts of second-degree murder in the collision that killed Adenhart and two others in April 2009. He will be sentenced next month.

Video shown at trial showed Gallo drinking for hours before the crash in Fullerton.

State investigators said the video was not enough evidence to close the bar but the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports police are investigating an illegal gambling operation there.

Eight bar employees face misdemeanor charges in that case.

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Comments (9)
  1. Bill Jones says:

    I know it’s too late to bring Nicky back, but THEY SHOULD DEPORT THIS KILLER!!

    1. Joe Taylor says:

      To where he is an American. That is why we have jail. Where will you or your kids get deported if you or they commit a crime? We all came from somewhere else unless we are Native America. Stop displaying your bigotry and ignorance with such comments, Billy.

  2. CA562DUDE says:

    Can Somebody School me on this, Does this mean now That All Bar(s) will loose there license(s) if somebody drinks at there location and cause a fatel accident ??

    1. PATTYBARKER says:


  3. BikeRider says:

    No, the bar is being closed because of gambling, not because they didn’t cut off this yahoo after his 10th keg of beer…

  4. mikemi1951 says:

    I worked in corrections for too many years. Often we booked people who were so drunk they could not stand up. They were served in bars and lounges but they fortunately didn’t kill anyone famous. Those clubs and bars kept their licenses. While I agree with responsibility let it be equally tendered regardless of the status of the victim

    1. KeithS says:

      Agree, mikemi1951. If this isn’t a high profile case, I am sure the bar remains open. The illegal gambling charge sounds somewhat hollow. For whatever reason, someone has the idea the city is making a social statement by closing it down. . Only the next drunk driver sure isn’t listening.

  5. socal says:

    No, the bars will lose their licenses for over-serving. Because it was a murder investigation they can obtain a warrant to check the bar’s tapes to see if there was any foul-play during Gallow’s visit.

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